Thoughts on selling an IP to a big network

I've been giving a fair amount of thought as to the ins and outs of pitching to a big network, like Disney and Nickelodeon. These are some of those thoughts: Is it worth it? I guess so. But - it has it's caveats. If your IP gets selected, it's great - it's a pat on the [...]

New Stuff end Oct 2016

Friends. My friends onna Intanet. And real friends. Welcome to the house of PAIN. Jks. Thanks for reading. Some new things! First up, I designed this mascot dude for the first ever 'South African Adaptive Surfing' championship that took place in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Here's this bunny: Kiff. And then I designed a sticker set [...]

New Interview: AnimationSA Julia Louw interviews me

Julia had the impetus to start a new podcast series and I'm the first guest! We chatted in Cape Town about how I started out, about my spirit animals 'Bru & Boegie', Jozi Zoo and eTV, Goldfish music videos, Happy Land, Adventure Time, ComiCon, Moosebox, Dogshow with Cat, freelancing and a whole bunch of other [...]

New Stuff Q4 2016

Dear friends, How are you? Once again we distract ourselves from the crushing void with entertainment. Good. There are good things in this life. Don't think about the eternal void. Dogshow with Cat The last few months I've been busy developing my new show with Disney, 'Dogshow with Cat'. It's changed a fair bit from [...]

Bru & Boegie – ‘Feelin’ It’

A new Bru & Boegie short, with love from me to me. Created, voiced, directed and animated by me Music and SFX: my brother, David Scott Backgrounds: Olubunmi John (Nigeria) I think one of the best things I've ever made. Great job everybody 🙂 EDIT: It was selected as Cartoon Brew's 'Pick of the Day'!

Moosebox 11 min episode animatic – ‘The Big Glitch’.

After Moosebox development ended earlier this year, we had created an entire 11-minute episode script and animatic. Unfortunately, it didn't go ahead. In the episode, Moose and Catbox have to stop The Big Glitch from waking up. Here it is! Watching it again, it's actually flippen' great. I love it: