Back in 2013 I met Alexi Wheeler from Nickelodeon at The Imperial Hotel in Annecy, France during the annual ‘Annecy International Animation Festival’. We stood by the main bar and I showed him a sketchbook of rough sketches I had made on the plane over there. I was actually pitching something else, a series called ‘Pixel Safari’ about a camp lion who doesn’t want to become King that I had kind of made up on the way over there and had printed a ‘leave-behind’ thing that morning.

Anyways, I was flipping through the sketchbook made out of recycled paper (it was actually a waiter’s pad I bought for R2 from the local print shop back in South Africa) and he stopped at one picture of a Moose being carried in a Cat that’s also a box. He said ‘heh, that’s funny.’ I got back to South Africa and got news they were keen to include me in their shorts program, I just needed to pitch something properly with a storyboard and show, world and character descriptions. So, I decided to pitch ‘Moosebox’. It was a pretty mad time as my parents were moving house, my mom had just been involved in a car crash – someone came shooting through a stop street and side-swiped her. So I got up early in the mornings to work on the pitch and in a few days sent the pitch through. Lo and behold they chose me for their International Shorts Program! Moosebox was a go! There were contracts and stuff for them to buy the idea, we came up with arrangements to make a pilot, I would go to Triggerfish Studios in Cape Town to work on it, we’d produce it there, and over a couple months we made a flippen’ pilot:

MooseBox from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo.

Later, it got more funding to go into further development, and we now have a full show bible and 11-minute animatic for a whole episode, but something went weird during this time and Moosebox somehow got a little derailed.

Still, it’s a great show and I believe has potential to be awesome if it’s allowed to be what it wants to be.

Here’s the animatic for a new 11-minute episode that never got further than this stage:

Here’s a little gallery of bits and pieces.