A few of my favourite projects.

Bru & Boegie – Freelance Mountain

Client: Personal Role: Creator, Director, Animator, Writer, Voices, Music & Sfx Date: 2019 More info: Post

Vice 8Chan Documentary

Client: Cartuna / VICE Role: Animation Director for 2 8Bit Pixel Sections, Animation Team, Storyboards & Animatic Year: 2019 More info: Post

Bru & Boegie – Feelin’ It

Client: Personal Role: Creator, Writer, Voices, Director, Animator Year: 2016 More info: Post

Dogshow with Cat Title Card by Jac Hamman

Dogshow with Cat

Client: Triggerfish & DisneyXD, UK Role: Creator, Director, Co-Writer, Storyboard Team, Animation Team Year: 2017 More info: Show


Client: Nickelodeon International Role: Creator, Director, Co-Writer, Animatic, Animation Team Year: 2014 More info: Show

Goldfish – One Million Views

Client: Goldfish Role: Co-writer, director, animator, backgrounds, post-production Year: 2013 More info: Making of

Goldfish – We Come Together

Client: Goldfish Role: Director, Storyboards & Animatic, Writer, Animation Team Year: 2011 More info: