Goldfish Animated Music Videos

Hello! I’ve written, directed and animated a number of Goldfish music videos. They’ve been crowd pleasers and I’ve got a lot of mileage from them. I’m a big fan of Goldfish’s music.

The first one from 2008! I cold pitched Goldfish on the idea of making an animated music video by sending them a test shot to one of my fav songs of theirs ‘Soundtracks and Comebacks’. It got a green light! I remember how excited and nervous I was at being given a chance to make something rad. Made this by drawing the assets in Photoshop and animating them in Moho.
This one got so many views so quickly! I did behind the scenes videos HERE and HERE.
Matt Torode and Keegan Thornhill helped out with this one.
This was a big one and one of my favs! I wrote a long post explaining how I made it here.
Keegan Thornhill and Gerhard Cruywagen helped me out with this one.