Frog Smashers

You can download Frog Smashers for free for PC and Mac here:

FROG SMASHERS tells the tale of a simple misunderstanding at a bus stop leading to the downfall of all frog-kind. It’s a competitive local multiplayer game, with super tight controls. Ruan Rothmann asked if I’d like to make a game with him at the Free Lives game jam in Mauritius. The game provided loads of lols to the crew, and has been played all over the world with a lot of people uploading their Frog Smashers vids to YouTube. As of Nov 2019, the game has almost clocked 10,000 downloads.

Here’s a little clip of me talking about Frog Smashers as part of Free Lives‘ ‘Game Jam Island’:

Programming/Design: Ruan Rothmann

Art/Animation: Mike Scott

Additional Art: Ben Rausch & Stuart Coutts

Sound: Jason Sutherland


During the Free Lives Game Jam in Mauritius I was put onto the team for this 2-player fighting game called ‘Yojimbrawl’, which was a real squeeze to get finished in time.

I did quite a few of the fighting animations, and some level designs, including the forest level pictured in the top vid, and the bridge level in the second vid.