2023 Begin

Hello. Hope everyone had a good end to 2022. And, Happy New Year for 2023. I meant to do an end of 2022 post but time seems to be speeding up, felt a bit like I didn’t have the time last year to process even a single thought. So, what’s been happening? WORK Nifty League…… Continue reading 2023 Begin

Mid-2021 Catchup

Dear person reading this. How are you? Are you well? I certainly hope so. Remember: it is important to take care of your physical and mental health at present, do not neglect that. Alright, onto more prosaic matters – what’s been happening? Well, a fair bit. I guess I can share some work: Goldfish -…… Continue reading Mid-2021 Catchup

Twende & Annecy 2021

Twende and Nuru blasting through the sky on their boda boda. Nice! Some great news – the pilot we recently finished for Twende, about a relaxed pangolin boda boda driver and his best friend and business partner Nuru; a feisty lilac-breasted roller, has been chosen for the official competition of the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival…… Continue reading Twende & Annecy 2021

Pool Backrooms

https://youtu.be/ZCXrrAaXdhM The video. If you get stuck in the Pool Backrooms – try relax; zone out and let the underwater ambience and duk duk duk sounds wash over/overwhelm you, and let your host; a Zodiac Baracuda Pacer, take you on a magical guided tour of the pool’s caustics.Mike Scott Direct link to vid in case…… Continue reading Pool Backrooms

Bru & Boegie – Chutney

https://youtu.be/1bBI55qtQ8k Here is a thing I made the other day (direct link: https://youtu.be/1bBI55qtQ8k ). I was watching a YouTube video where Irish people try South African food and snacks. They got offered ‘Mrs. Balls Chutney’ which is a staple here, but they were like ‘what kind of name is that?’ and then I realised what…… Continue reading Bru & Boegie – Chutney