Moosebox has landed :)

(Moosebox promo trailer)

A brief post in lieu of a longer one – we’ve wrapped the 20 Moosebox shorts πŸ™‚ I couldn’t be happier or prouder of everyone that has worked on these – amazing team effort and an incredible result.

For South Africa the shorts are playing daily on Nicktoons ch308 on DStv at 16:24 CAT (after Spongebob – great slot!) and they should be on the Nickelodeon Play App in due course (though we don’t get that app in South Africa I believe).

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE THING! I’m currently en route to Canada for OIAF (Ottawa International Animation Festival) and thereafter Toronto to hang out for a couple days, maybe see some animation studios if I can.

We wrapped Sunday night and the first short was played the following day, been a bit of a whirlwind but Moosebox is in the can, and we’re jamming some stuff on Twitter, FB and Instagram πŸ™‚

Special thanks to Alexi Wheeler, Richard Barry, Nina Hahn, Mind’s Eye Creative, Audio Militia, Greig Cameron and the numerous writers and board artists that all had a hand in making this the amazing production it is. Even more thanks to Fathima, Tas and Lindie from Viacom and Nick Africa for giving Moosebox an amazing launch at the inaugural Comic Con Africa, and to Ed Lewis our voice director from New York and the talented voice artists he directed who all delivered A++ voices for Moosebox πŸ™‚

Moosebox is Nickelodeon International’s first International development from South Africa.


(Part of the reason I haven’t posted in a while is I started drafting a post that was meant to be a pretty mellow small-ish bespoke small-batch artisanal piece about ‘Advice I Found Useful’ which instead morphed into a 3000+ word bulleted list on ‘Good Advice’ which I don’t think is practical, so have since separated it into ‘good advice I’ve received’ and ‘advice I’d give out’, I’ll wrap that post at some stage this year.

Mid-Year 2018 Update

Quick little post before I head off to Annecy! Annecy is the world’s biggest animation festival in France that happens every year. I luckily got to be part of the South African delegation going over, sponsored by the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) and arranged by Animation SA. Thanks guys.

Thanks to the beautiful, the lovely Kayla Archer for helping me put together my mini show bible pitch πŸ™‚ Looking forward to showing this around. Kayla also helped me with my new business card – so nice!

Β Β 

So, what’s been happening? It’s been a busy time, but, has it ever not been busy? I can feel things tapering off a little bit recently, which has been great to catch a breath.

Moosebox is looking so flippen’ kiff πŸ™‚ Really so proud of what we’ve done here. A couple episodes are complete proper from start to finish, and we have a bunch more to go. Mind’s Eye Creative continue to knock it out the park with the animation and production, Audio Militia continue to knock it out the park with music & sfx and final mix, and it’s been a pleasure being involved in the process.

We recently completed a little side-project: an animated short with Cartuna for College Humor, called ‘Slide Into the DMs: The Gameshow’ – a throwback to Nickelodeon’s classic gameshow ‘Double Dare’. There’s something very satisfying about figuring out how to make a small budget work for a project. I worked closely with 2 collaborators: friend James Wolfaardt designed the characters and backgrounds, I created the boards and animatic and directed the short, and animator-extraordinaire Kevin Goliath (currently working at Mind’s Eye Creative) built the rigs and handled animation. We did things as efficiently as we could and are pleased to have this one in the can for 2 great clients we admire. It’s got 250k views in 2 days. Kiff! Here’s the vid:

I was looking for a Bru & Boegie pic I drew a while ago (couldn’t find it) but found a bunch of stuff, including a bit of dev for a Bru & Boegie film I wanted to make. When I read the 2-page script out at the workshop, you gotta believe me when I say the room was in hysterics:

And then, oh ya, I’m putting up a new video every Wednesday – about 10 years ago I made 52 episodes of ‘HappyLand Shorts’ and I’m putting ’em up. Nice! Would dig it if you could please subscribe to my YouTube channel, been really great seeing it grow slowly, almost at 10k subscribers. I’m starting to get paid for advertising views on the video, so, that is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve just come back from a ‘Game Jam’ week sponsored by Free Lives. They booked out a house in Hermanus, and MAN it was rad just making games for a week! We started some cool stuff, I jammed a lot with Ben and Cukia from Nyamakop! Gonna add a bunch-o-images in a gallery below:

Cool beans!

March Mueslibox Update

Guys, I started this post weeks ago and never finished it, so, here it is, as is. I figure lemme rather get this out and keep things ticking along. What I’ll say is – Moosebox is looking flippen’ amazing πŸ™‚ Everyone’s been doing really fantastic work to make this thing as awesome as we all know it can be. Really, can’t wait to share once it’s done πŸ™‚ S’gonna be GREEEAAAT!

Hello dear my best dear best of friends and strangers. Today is an unusual day, in that I find myself with a bit of time on my hands to ponder the universe and do a thing or two, like make a new post on my site, perhaps read a bit more of my book and then doodle some new ideas for shows. What a blessing.

It has been a busy time, but I’ve found great relief from someone who’s agreed to take on a job that threatened my sanity, and then for other work, everyone seems to be doing what they’re doing best for Moosebox which is fantastic. We talked about Moosebox during CTIAF (Cape Town International Animation Festival) to a pretty full house, and that went down really well.

What is he going on about? #CTIAF #MOOSEBOX #RoadToMoosebox

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I recorded the audio for the talk, which you can hear here (Edit: I haven’t uploaded it yet). Not quite the same without the visuals, but still pretty interesting?

Thereafter I went to Joburg to meet with Alexi Wheeler at Mind’s Eye Creative, the animation studio that’s producing and animating the series. It was super cool having Alexi there where the show’s being animated.

While I was there I got some time to get to know the MEC crew a bit better, to chat with Ryan the designer and Steve the animation director, as well as spending time with Jen and Nick that run the show and other stuff. Was a great, productive, time. Would have dug to go to MEC’s 7th birthday braai, but alas, I was knackered by the end of the week and spent much of the day horizontal.

Also, we went to The Animation School in Joburg to deliver another Moosebox talk. We had 2 hours this time and could afford to really get into it, and *still* were rushed for time. So, we could easily do a 3 hour indulgent talk on Moosebox πŸ™‚

At the moment, we’re busy doing music and sfx for Moosebox with ‘Audio Militia’ in Johannesburg.

That’s the post, folks!

Bonus: kiff little featurette here where I say a few supportive things about everything and Moosebox gets some lurvin’. Nice: