Beginning 2021

Here’s the latest single design I drew for Goldfish’s new track ‘Everything is Changing’. Happy New Year. Stay safe and remember what’s important: your health.

End Nov 2020 News

Hello. My name is Mike. So, what’s been happening? Well, Twende is rockin’ along and coming together really well. So kiff. Amazed we haven’t shared anything but that’s how we *rolling*. I’ve submitted my 33-page creative outline for the next Bru & Boegie movie. Have moved on to writing the script, about 6000 words in…… Continue reading End Nov 2020 News

Mid-Nov 2020 Update

Hello fellow human. How are you? Don’t answer. I’ve been busy the last little while, doing what you might ask? Why I’ve been involved in Twende; the pilot’s been in pre-production and now production for a couple of months, and it’s looking *great* wow wow wow. I don’t think we can really show anything, it’s…… Continue reading Mid-Nov 2020 Update

New Chitose Aiport International Animation Festival 2020, Japan

I added the laurels for the fests. Look. So, ma boiz Bru & Boegie got selected as 1 of 5 feature films in competition at the ‘New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival’ in Japan, 2020. NICE! I’m stoked about this. Their site here. Ha! Ha! I’m writing a new Bru & Boegie in the evenings…… Continue reading New Chitose Aiport International Animation Festival 2020, Japan

End Sept 2020

Hello there friend. I don’t think I ever posted this Frog Smashers pic I did, so, here, I am posting it: White Frog about to get smashed by Green Frog. In other news, I’ve been wanting to make a proper portfolio, just like a list of works in a basic HTML file thing, but haven’t…… Continue reading End Sept 2020

July 2020

WOW GUYS. What an eventful month! To kick things off I’mma put some Mozart on and write this post. Jks can’t concentrate with music on. So, what’s been happening? Well, obvs a lockdown but for animation, it seems like business as usual. Many of us have been working in solitude for years, ha. FIRST THINGS…… Continue reading July 2020

First half 2020 Update

Dude! HELLO! How are you?!? Are you surviving the lockdown? Well, if you’re reading this, the answer obviously is ‘yes bru, hectic.’ What a great time to be alive! So, I’ve done some stuff since the last post. And I’ll post that stuff here because you know that’s what I’ve done man! A collection…… Continue reading First half 2020 Update