Mid-Year 2018 Update

Quick little post before I head off to Annecy! Annecy is the world's biggest animation festival in France that happens every year. I luckily got to be part of the South African delegation going over, sponsored by the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) and arranged by Animation SA. Thanks guys. Thanks to the beautiful, [...]

End 2017 / Early 2018 Update

Friends. Am still alive. It has been a long time since I made a post. Why? Mostly because my attention has been razor-focused on an awesome project - MOOSEBOX. Awww Yisss Boiii. #moosebox A post shared by mikdog (@mikdog) on Dec 13, 2017 at 12:57pm PST MOOSEBOX Earlier last year, Nickelodeon greenlit 20 short webisodes [...]

*New Short!* Beatboxing Dave – ‘Forbidden Dance’

[hr] Friends! Howzit. What a time it has been, what a time since I last wrote, to shoot my digital words into the vast imagined space of 'The Internet'. What do I bring you this time? Well, lemme tell you a story. TLDR: a Beatboxing Dave short that was largely made by other people. Last [...]

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Off to Joburg for a few days boet, a few days, cool story bro. A post shared by mikdog (@mikdog) on Sep 14, 2017 at 12:24am PDT Hello. It's Thursday, I'm at the Cape Town International Airport, and I figure this is a good time to write a new post. Heading to Joburg for a [...]

Mid 2017 Post

Damn damn damn. Where does the time go? I've been doing a lot of slightly annoying but necessary busywork. It's stuff that needs to be done properly to avoid further problems. Also, there's been a lot of uncertainty. I'm learning how to become friends with 'Uncertainty' instead of resisting 'The Monster Called Uncertainty'. The more [...]

Bru & Boegie’s Guide to Pitching an Animated Show to a Network

Hey doodz. So, I started writing this from Japan on a Shinkansen train on its way to Osaka, then on a plane from Osaka on its way to Manilla, on a hammock on a tropical island in an eco-lodge in Palawan in the Philippines, a bit more in Manila and finished back in Joburg in [...]