First half 2020 Update

Dude! HELLO! How are you?!? Are you surviving the lockdown? Well, if you’re reading this, the answer obviously is ‘yes bru, hectic.’ What a great time to be alive! So, I’ve done some stuff since the last post. And I’ll post that stuff here because you know that’s what I’ve done man! A collection…… Continue reading First half 2020 Update

End of 2019 Wrap

Hello. So, 2019 eh? I figured I should write something to wrap up stuff I haven’t covered for the second half of last year. I did a mid-year wrap up post. Pretty strange lo-fi year. A lot of good stuff. But also a lot of weird stuff. I dunno. Just a kind of odd year,…… Continue reading End of 2019 Wrap

Bru & Boegie: The Movie Guys, I did it – I made South Africa’s first full-length 2D animated movie. So, where to begin with this? Well, back in like 2006 or something I made a full-length Bru & Boegie film – a lot simpler than this one, it was black and white – as a kind of joke. It…… Continue reading Bru & Boegie: The Movie

8Bit Pixel Animation for Vice – 8Chan Doccie Did 2 x 8bit animated pixel inserts for a Vice documentary on 8Chan. They both appear in the first 5 mins of the documentary. Job through Cartuna in the US. More info on Vice’s site: For this project, I had 2 inserts, which each had voice tracks and had a running time, so…… Continue reading 8Bit Pixel Animation for Vice – 8Chan Doccie

MEGA WORK UPDATE!!! Mid-2019 GUYS! I put together a monster video that covers nearly all my current work in progress: Moosebox, Bru & Boegie, new show pitches, Dogshow with Cat, the new animated Goldfish show, and a bunch of other stuff. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Peace.