July 2020

WOW GUYS. What an eventful month! To kick things off I’mma put some Mozart on and write this post. Jks can’t concentrate with music on. So, what’s been happening? Well, obvs a lockdown but for animation, it seems like business as usual. Many of us have been working in solitude for years, ha. FIRST THINGS…… Continue reading July 2020

First half 2020 Update

Dude! HELLO! How are you?!? Are you surviving the lockdown? Well, if you’re reading this, the answer obviously is ‘yes bru, hectic.’ What a great time to be alive! So, I’ve done some stuff since the last post. And I’ll post that stuff here because you know that’s what I’ve done man! https://youtu.be/9OKuAj25oY8 A collection…… Continue reading First half 2020 Update

End of 2019 Wrap

Hello. So, 2019 eh? I figured I should write something to wrap up stuff I haven’t covered for the second half of last year. I did a mid-year wrap up post. Pretty strange lo-fi year. A lot of good stuff. But also a lot of weird stuff. I dunno. Just a kind of odd year,…… Continue reading End of 2019 Wrap

Bru & Boegie: The Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2AOhvXcnyM Guys, I did it – I made South Africa’s first full-length 2D animated movie. So, where to begin with this? Well, back in like 2006 or something I made a full-length Bru & Boegie film – a lot simpler than this one, it was black and white – as a kind of joke. It…… Continue reading Bru & Boegie: The Movie

8Bit Pixel Animation for Vice – 8Chan Doccie

https://youtu.be/Kerg2rrIdAU Did 2 x 8bit animated pixel inserts for a Vice documentary on 8Chan. They both appear in the first 5 mins of the documentary. Job through Cartuna in the US. More info on Vice’s site: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3kxde9/how-8chan-was-born-and-became-the-worst-place-on-the-internet For this project, I had 2 inserts, which each had voice tracks and had a running time, so…… Continue reading 8Bit Pixel Animation for Vice – 8Chan Doccie