Mid 2017 Post

Damn damn damn. Where does the time go? I've been doing a lot of slightly annoying but necessary busywork. It's stuff that needs to be done properly to avoid further problems. Also, there's been a lot of uncertainty. I'm learning how to become friends with 'Uncertainty' instead of resisting 'The Monster Called Uncertainty'. The more [...]

Bru & Boegie’s Guide to Pitching an Animated Show to a Network

Hey doodz. So, I started writing this from Japan on a Shinkansen train on its way to Osaka, then on a plane from Osaka on its way to Manilla, on a hammock on a tropical island in an eco-lodge in Palawan in the Philippines, a bit more in Manila and finished back in Joburg in [...]


  Dear friends. Did you know I made a game? Well, together with Ruan Rothmann and some other contributors, we made a flippen' game: Download here for free! PC/Mac https://raithza.itch.io/frogsmashers [box type="info"]Best thing is to plug in Playstation 4 / Xbox / gamepad controls to your PC / Mac as the game works way better with [...]

Thoughts on selling an IP to a big network

I've been giving a fair amount of thought as to the ins and outs of pitching to a big network, like Disney and Nickelodeon. These are some of those thoughts: Is it worth it? I guess so. But - it has it's caveats. If your IP gets selected, it's great - it's a pat on the [...]