ICON 2016 Disney Triggerfish Story Lab Interview

Hi guys. So, Les Allen interviewed me and Nas Hoosen at the ICON GEEK EXPO 2016 in Johannesburg recently. We talked for almost an hour about stuff. The video is above. Also, my brother Dave aka The Kiffness recently dropped this amazing song and video. Love it: What else is up? I've been developing 'Dogshow'. [...]

Olubunmi John Bru & Boegie Fan Art

Friends. Romans. Crunchy Men. Check it out - John from Nigeria has done some sterling Bru & Boegie fan art: Thanks Olubunmi 🙂 More from him here: http://olubunmijohnarts.blogspot.co.za/ https://www.artstation.com/artist/olubunmijohn A recent pic from him that I think is excellent: Have seen some pretty cool stuff coming out of Nigeria. Excellent. In other news, I've started [...]