Twende & Annecy 2021

Twende and Nuru blasting through the sky on their boda boda.

Nice! Some great news – the pilot we recently finished for Twende, about a relaxed pangolin boda boda driver and his best friend and business partner Nuru; a feisty lilac-breasted roller, has been chosen for the official competition of the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in the TV films category.

Truly awesome.

A brief history; Kayla Archer and I met Hélène Sifre, a producer at Braintrust (a UK/French production house), at Annecy in France in 2019. Hélène had with her the initial Twende show deck and Braintrust was (were?) looking for a good partner from Africa to develop the show together with them and the original rad husband-and-wife creators Regan and Charlie Maas from San Francisco. There was even a theme song recorded! Kiff.

Kayla and I signed on, and 3 years later and with the help of a lot of very talented and committed people, we have a completed 11-min show pilot. I’m proud to say, it rocks! It really is something special.

Here’s raising a glass of muddy water to Twende and his friends in Milima, and all who worked on this. *clink*


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