Pool Backrooms

The video.

If you get stuck in the Pool Backrooms – try relax; zone out and let the underwater ambience and duk duk duk sounds wash over/overwhelm you, and let your host; a Zodiac Baracuda Pacer, take you on a magical guided tour of the pool’s caustics.

Mike Scott

Direct link to vid in case embed doesn’t work:


I’ve been experimenting quite a bit recently. I’ve had a GoPro for ages but never really used it. I think lockdown’s really done me for a spin. But being able to go out, be a little social, etc, has uncluttered the cobwebs a bit.

Anyways, I’m fascinated with the concept of ‘The Backrooms‘ which is a whole Internet fandom attributed to this idea of liminal space. There’s a bunch of lore around it, but I believe it started with this photo someone posted, which many people responded to, saying it was somehow familiar and nostalgic, but deeply unsettling.


Anyways, after recording some ambient audio with my bro, it got me thinking about other ways to make ambient vids.

Recording seal sounds with my boet.

So I got my pool looking nice and clean, put my GoPro Hero 5 in the pool and did various tests to see what worked well (I think I ended up going with 4k or 2.7k footage on a ‘wide’ setting), and then put the GoPro in various places and recorded. I had the GoPro connected wirelessly to my iPad so I could make sure the shot looked good, but it didn’t work if it wasn’t close to the surface of the water on the first step, so for shots where the GoPro was at the bottom of the pool, I wore a scuba mask and put it down, or it was just guess work to position it.

I filmed in a ‘flat’ profile and then colour graded in Final Cut Pro X. I watched a bunch of tutorials about how to colour grade, so the project was useful for that. Here you can see the raw footage before, and after colour grading:

Slide the vertical bar left and right to see. Unnecessary tool I wanted to try.

Made some intro title text in Procreate, added some spacey audio effects in Final Cut, and yeh. That’s about it. I dig the eerie vibe the wide angle gives off, and I plan to do another pool vid. I sometimes put on these weird ambient vids on YouTube when I work on my laptop in the lounge, like this one where it looks like a lounge flying through space, with a deep space rumble.

There’s something satisfying about it. I mean, not unlike this 90 mins Bru & Boegie movie I made in 2019:

Oh yes – I made an unnecessary shirt in case you’d like to wear a garment to remind you of this special moment in time.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

I also have a Patreon now, if you’d like to consider supporting my ‘work’.


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