Ottawa International Animation Festival

Off to Joburg for a few days boet, a few days, cool story bro.

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Hello. It’s Thursday, I’m at the Cape Town International Airport, and I figure this is a good time to write a new post.

Heading to Joburg for a few days to see my folks, and to attend some of the A MAZE video games fest that happens there, see some buddies and hopefully attend some talks and try out some games! And then, off to Canada to attend the ‘Ottawa International Animation Festival’. I’ve never been to Canada, and thanks to some good luck and Nick Cloete at Animation SA who made contact with a Canadian delegate, my Canadian VISA is valid until 2024. Kiff. The trip is sponsored by South Africa’s DTI (Trade & Industry) and put together by Animation SA, the events company is Catalyze, and has been planned by Iconique Brands. Like Annecy (which was the initial spark for getting Moosebox into Nickelodeon’s hands), the idea is to generate International work, so, with any luck, the trip proves fruitful one way or another. I have a number of meetings set up.

You can watch the full MTV short James and I did here:

Busy with a new Bru & Boegie short, that I think is very funny. Keegan Thornhill‘s been helping me with some animation bits ‘n pieces:

Gave a live animation demo at Comics Fest in Cape Town this last weekend (did some more of a Bru & Boegie short), and launched my Bru & Boegie comic book! Had a chat with Stuart Coutts in front of a small gathering. Nice.

Gave a talk at City Varsity in Cape Town to 2nd and 3rd years. Showed them a couple things, and one brave student had an issue with Bru & Boegie, which has given me food for thought.

I reviewed the ‘Henge Dock for Macbook Pro Retina 13’:

I came across a small cache of some old work on a friend’s blog that had a couple contributors, so here’s some stuff from 10 years ago. The ‘Red Riding Hood’ stuff was for a kids musical puppet show called ‘Jakkals Jol’ which was made, and I saw on TV. I was impressed at how accurately they copied the puppet’s designs. The other show, a community hospital puppets show, wasn’t made I don’t think. The other show ‘Happy Land’ I made and later sold.

My bro launched a new music vid, directed by Daniel and Christy Morcos. It’s excellent πŸ™‚

My fren James Wolfaardt is in full swing of doing his weekly editorial cartoon for Sunday Times magazine. S’a nice gig.

Sunday Times

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