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Damn damn damn. Where does the time go?

I’ve been doing a lot of slightly annoying but necessary busywork. It’s stuff that needs to be done properly to avoid further problems.

Also, there’s been a lot of uncertainty. I’m learning how to become friends with ‘Uncertainty’ instead of resisting ‘The Monster Called Uncertainty’. The more I try to lock things down, the more the potential is for suffocation. So, I’ve sidled up to uncertainty and embrace him, every day.

Let’s look at work stuff.

Exciting developments with Moosebox, lawyers are busy looking at deals, some have been signed already, and once we’ve got the clear to announce more I shall. Here’s a pic by Dan Snaddon:

Nick Welch and Benito Kok animated this ‘Beatboxing Dave’ episode my buddy James Wolfaardt wrote, Luke Viljoen did backgrounds, Ben Badenhorst, James and I voiced it, Garth Jacobs did voice editing, me olde pal Arnie Rodriguez in California is busy making music and sfx for it, and then I’ll give that all back to Garth for final audio mix and master, and THEN I’ll be able to show you this finished short project we started a while ago! I wanted to fund it as a way for creatives to be given free reign, supporting creativity for creativity’s sakes with the brief ‘I trust you to do whatever you want’, where the focus is more on enjoying the process and seeing what results.

I’d love to finance more of these kinds of projects when funds permit.

Here’s a crop of a SPAR mascot I designed through a great agency here in Plettenberg Bay called ‘one2love‘:

Crop of a character mascot for a client through @one2loveagency

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Designed a second logo for ‘Adaptive Surfing’ through Triggerfish who are a main sponsor of the event. Dig this little bunny surfer:

It's my piccie! #Repost @jeanmichelkoenig with @repostapp ・・・ Something spectacular is coming to Muizenberg Beach on the 05/08 – the 2017 Triggerfish Animation South African Adapted Surfing Championships. PLEASE LET YOUR DISABLED FRIENDS KNOW. One year soon they will cover themselves in PARALYMPIC GOLD GLORY, but first they need to win at this competition for their opportunity to represent South Africa. For those surfers who don't feel contest ready, we are holding the WORLD'S FIRST iXperience Expression Session. YES, EVEN IF YOU SURF LIKE A DEAD BAG OF BONES THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU 🙂 A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our super cool sponsors, @ixperience , @hawk62aviation , @surfemporium , Surfing South Africa, @wavescapesa , @reefsouthafrica , @uber_rsa , the Department of Sport & Recreation, the National Lotteries Commission, @triggerfishza & @adaptivesurfingsouthafrica #surfing #adaptivesurfing

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Recorded the making of:

Some recent videos I made:

Review for a Logitech Bluetooth Receiver:

Trick for finding the center of objects in Photoshop:

Work still continues on my Bru & Boegie short, though other work’s taken precedence now. Keegan Thornhill‘s stepped in to the mix to help me on animation as I’m now focusing on other work.

wip #bruandboegie

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Making a video of the process:

The Goldfish video I was posting about is going through some changes – so that’s back on the table for further work.

In other news, I’ve been living in my new house for a couple months. Love it. The costs have been substantial with needing to get various things fixed, furnishing it so I can rent it out for December, and floating myself for a few months to work on a project whose payment will prob take 2 months to come through, and with loans to pay back. Oh, uncertainty, how you thrill me.

Was in Cape Town for two weeks to write some rad stuff with Greig Cameron, that was very useful, and thankfully Greig’s also agreed to work on spec while we wait for the legal machine to turn stuff around and for due processes to take their time.

Friend James Wolfaardt and I also did a short through Cartuna for MTV for one of their mobile channels. That was a short and fairly intense but also clean and pleasant project – James designed it, I animated it, I was in Cape Town at the time and working in coffee shops mostly, and then later at a friends’ house late into the night. Pleased with the result. Some GIFs from that:

Also, rediscovered this long Moosebox episode I went straight ahead with, as an episode idea in a comic form. It’s 16 pages, and I didn’t finish it, but, it’s still entertaining and actually still stands up after some time:

Moosebox 'Glitch Feet' Comic by Mike Scott on Scribd

Also found some old work – this children’s book I wrote and illustrated that I’d all but forgotten about:

Lol. Forgot I wrote and illustrated a kids book years ago. What the hey.

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Ya. Apart from that, freaking out on the regular – as in – screaming inside but maintaining a modicum of cool on the outside. Been booze-free for a couple months, since getting back from Philippines / Japan. Need to be productive during this transition period.

We also a played a gig on Saturday. It’s the first time in 7 years we’ve jammed, the band’s ‘2Eleven’, Stuart Brink on guitar and vocals, Rob Gibson on bass, and myself on drums. It was great.

Before the gig

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If you’re keen to listen to the whole set, well, Stu recorded it with a Zoom mic near the bar. The set’s pretty good, proud of us:

Found out my application for funding to form part of a South African delegation to the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada in September has been accepted. Thanks AnimationSA, DTI, Catalyze, Nick Cloete, and Michelle from Iconique Brands. All things being equal with getting a VISA, I’ll be in Canada end of Sept.

Also, I’ll be talking in Cape Town at ‘Comics Fest’ early Sept, and launching my Bru & Boegie comic book ‘BIG BOOK OF STUFFS!’ that I never gave a proper launch. I’ll be doing a live animation demonstration and then separately talking with Stuart Coutts about stuff.


My bro’s ‘The Kiffness – Soul Safari‘ new album is also out! It’s so great. I filmed his music video for one of his songs ‘White Privilege’ in Plett, and we both edited it:

It got a lot of traction on Facebook, like 60k views in 3 days or something.

I shut down my online store, running costs were a little high, so if you wanted to order a print or shirt, sorry ’bout dat.

So, ya. That’s what’s been happening.

Until next time – adieu.

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