July 2020

WOW GUYS. What an eventful month! To kick things off I’mma put some Mozart on and write this post. Jks can’t concentrate with music on. So, what’s been happening? Well, obvs a lockdown but for animation, it seems like business as usual. Many of us have been working in solitude for years, ha.

FIRST THINGS FIRST – I got an *amazing* gig from an agency based in the US to do an 8bit pixel animated piece for Atlanta United soccer team. Big thanks to my colleague Joe Burrascono; founder of Nathan Love animation studio in NYC, who recommended me. Got cracking with boards, animatic and then animation and finished within a week of starting – toit deadline but all went smoothly and v. rewarding. Here’s the finished piece:

Also placed and mixed music and sfx which was pretty fun.

Earlier in the month I gave a 1-hour Zoom workshop about ‘How to create an animated show deck’ as part of the National Arts Festival aka Grahamstown Festival. The NAF went digital this year like so many other festivals are doing/have done due to covid restrictions. It was apparently the second-most subscribed workshop, at my (prob wrong) request we let only a handful of peeps in to keep it feeling more intimate but prob could have actually just let everyone in. I was pretty nervous leading up to it, but all went well and got some positive messages from peeps afterward who said they found it useful, so – thaznys. Here is that:

Also, my ‘Bru & Boegie: The Movie’ was/is playing at the NAF – nice! This is its South African festival debut, I’ve temporarily taken it down whilst it’s screening at NAF.

Then some outrageously kiff news – ‘Bru & Boegie: The Movie‘ was selected as one of the six feature films in competition at OIAF – Ottawa International Animation Festival, North America’s largest animation festival. HA! Can you believe it?!? 😀 I am thrilled yo! Almost every time I think about this I smile big and/or lol hehehehe. Have been getting hearty congrats from many, ya, just a really rad thing. I’ve attended Canada’s yearly OIAF a couple of times in the past thanks to South African delegations arranged by AnimationSA and funded by gov, which makes it extra special. Man, I’m beyond stoked the selection panel had a good sense of humour. Good on ya.

A thing of beauty.
There’s Bru & Boegie riiight at the top of the list, lolol.

Did a fairly comprehensive (longboi) tutorial for animating pixel art in Toon Boom Harmony. It’s a niche thing but gonna post it here anyways:

Currently doing a cool animated music video for my bro, there might be some exciting Twende news to announce soon (oowee!) and a couple other nice things. Been blessed during this time. Folks are in Plett and doing well, my bro’s making rad content and branching out into new fields, my cat Angie continues to keep me good company and I can run on the beaches in Plett. S’GOOD.

If you wanna check out my Twitter I generally repost Moosebox fan art and bits and pieces, I also post a fair bit on my Instagram.

Thanks for reading.

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