First half 2020 Update

Dude! HELLO! How are you?!? Are you surviving the lockdown? Well, if you’re reading this, the answer obviously is ‘yes bru, hectic.’ What a great time to be alive!

So, I’ve done some stuff since the last post. And I’ll post that stuff here because you know that’s what I’ve done man!

A collection of Madam & Eve LOTTO TV ads I animated roundabout 2010.
Cut a new Moosebox teaser!
L’il lofi chill animation loops set to music from Epidemic sound.
Adapted the Session Victim Animated Music Video into a Ms. Pac-Man Adventure music vid.
Little song and animation I did one evening.

I did a ridiculous multi-part Bru & Boegie comic series called ‘Corona Story’ that got into science skepticism, 5G, conspiracy theories and is generally just a beautiful mess:

A little Dedouze tutorial I did in Blender which was cool.
Also did this very odd 3D thing while just messing around in Blender.
And then Emmanuel Makunzi Kingunza Jnr did this awesome 3D Bru & Boegie rendering! Ha!

Apart from that, work carries on with the Goldfish show, my own stuff’s a little on the backburner for now, hoping some approved funding comes through for a big Bru & Boegie project which is super rad. No more news on Moosebox, I don’t think we’re going to be making any more episodes anytime soon unfortunately – not my decision, that’s Nickelodeon’s decision. I also still don’t know when the Moosebox episodes might launch online worldwide, but I do see a lot of people landing up here from Moosebox searches, so, welcome if that’s you!

Peace out!

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