Tutorial: Anime Studio + Photoshop

Believe it or not I get asked for advice fairly frequently. Sometimes it’s advice on what’s the best program to buy, sometimes along the lines of ‘how I can do good at the animation?’. Sometimes, and nearly most often, it’s young aspiring animators wanting to know what steps to take to take to get into the animation industry. While I don’t claim to be an expert  (and it’s also why I’m very wary about giving out any advice – it may be wrong advice and I’m still learning too) I can at least explain how I go about things. There’s a couple standard suggestions (There’s ‘The Animation School’ for South Africans), read ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’, do more life-drawing etc… But, I read some great advice years ago and it’s still relevant today. If only I could track down the reference. People used to ask this illustrator advice on what to do. His advice? Something like ‘Make awesome things’. I think that if you’re making awesome things, people will (hopefully) sooner or  later find  you. Often that means taking the lead and doing personal projects for some time before the other work starts trickling in. Even WHILE other work is trickling in I still think it’s a good idea to do personal projects because there’s a lot more freedom for experimentation. I find I try outlandish things that I may sometimes be a little too reserved to try on jobs-with-some-consequence. Sometimes those experiments can lead to further discoveries that feed back into other work. So, it’s a fun space. Anyways, hope you enjyed the tutorial.

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