2 dedicated external drives – one for finished work, and one for work in progress. The WIP one even has encoding on, and needs a password before files can be accessed.

Towards the end of last year I had scheduled a week to do THE BIG BACKUP. After getting an external hard drive stolen that had a lot of work on it, and having an inconsistent project organisation system on my computer, I had been working up to the event with a fair amount of planning, and also dread, because I knew it’d be a fair amount of time and concentration sifting through 10 years of projects, making sure I knew what was backed up with a custom Google spreadsheet I’d made that tracks the status of each project, tells me whether the final file is backed up in the cloud, on my machine, on an external disk, and whether I still have the working files for the project, and where those files are. I had also recently moved all my Dropbox files across to Google Drive after ending my Dropbox paid account and buying more space with Google Drive, and I needed to clean up the file system on that too.

Needs another round of updating, but you get the idea.

After asking a couple people about their ‘best practices’ for project management and backing up, and looking online, I came across a free Mac app called ‘Post Haste’. All it does is create a bunch of folders for you based on the project name, client name, date etc… that you specify, so that I’m using a consistent folder structure throughout projects. This makes is easier to organise stuff as I learn to work with the file structure, but it also makes it easier to back up a project once it’s done – I just copy across the whole folder to an external drive, and I know I’m grabbing all the working files – no missed files in weird locations on my hard drive. This also makes it easier to delete old projects with peace of mind, knowing I’ve backed the whole thing up.

Start here, enter some details…
The root project folder that is created.
Folders within the project folder that are created automatically.

It’s been great deleting old render files and old projects to free up space on my iMac. The job was long and boring, and it took longer than I imagined. Kind of like the first time I did my tax. I’m hoping that it’ll be easier going forward.

During this period of looking through old work, I came upon some nuggets. Here are some of those:

Apart from that, Amanda took her and me away to the desert for a week’s working getaway, which was amazing – loved being there and working on Bru & Boegie. Busy with a new short, always nice working on Bru & Boegie, I find working on it nourishes my soul

As the horizon leaned forward, she thought ‘s’nice’.

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Thereafter I did the ‘Global Game Jam’ at Fuzzy Logic in George, South Africa, and Thea and I made a ‘Crocodile Surfing Simulator’ called ‘Sun Eater’ in the style of Matisse.

We made a game in 48 hours – prob the best game ever. W @theanicoledk

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Japan’s coming up! Shohwee! Had another payment from Google for my YouTube videos so that’s nice. Hope you had a good start to 2017 and I look forward to sharing more work with you.

Also, check this little sneak-sneak vid of the ‘Dogshow with Cat’ bible we finished last year:

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