Running Man

Here’s a blast from the past. When I was in matric (12 years ago) I created this freestanding guy as part of an art piece. He’s actually pretty big – cardboard cutout that comes up to about my waist, with styrofoam on the back. He was running away from a monster I had made, with the help of a buddy that could weld, from parts found at the dump – the front of a lawnmower buggy or something, with fairly long arms about to klap this oke. Even the robot’s inside lit up with a headlamp or something. It was pretty hardcore stuff. And it was biiig. Like, bigger than me I think. And there were other cardboard guys running away. This guy looks like the protege of Bru. Anyways, its now hanging on the wall of my brother’s cack, Sanda, who is also his buddy. Its missing half a detached arm, a leg and is generally looking a bit eina, but fairly intact. My bro sent it to me when (I imagine) he went to go chill at their pozzie recently. Nice:

Acrylic, Pastel, Permanent Market, Board and Polystyrene

I really like it, which is pleasing to say. Its aged well, like some nice wine that I left for a billion years then smashed. I give my 12 years ago self a well-deserved hi-5 for making something kiff.

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