New Work Ah ha ha! August!

Hello! Wow. What a long time it’s been since you and I have chatted. I’m out here, doing stuff, and you’re like ‘what what what? Whaz happenin’?’ So, please, sit down, have this tea that I made especially for this moment, and gaze upon the following. Also, have this biscuit that I made especially for this very moment too. Jokes, bought the biscuits from Woolies. Lol.

Been doing some work! First up is a bunch of animation I did for two twin sister DJs that hail from Scotland – THE MAC TWINS! And what fine young lasses they are. They were playing at Edinburgh Festival this year and they wanted an update to their live visual set. So, I gladly provided a bunch-o-8bit-animation and apparently it went down well. Great! Here is a cut down montage:

Next up – OH MY SACK I finished my 50-page Moosebox bible and 11-minute animatic. I’ve been developing the show for over a year and recently submitted finals. Exciting! Here’s a sneaky quick video of the bible:

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Here are some pics of me running a trail run so that you can think ‘wow Mike is keeping fit, well done ol’ man’:



My bro, his fiancée, my cousin and I filmed a music video one afternoon for my brother’s song ‘I AM THE BEST’ (a song I’m fond of.) A buddy and I built two big green screens a while ago and we put them to good use for this video. The screens work surprisingly well – just got some lumo green fabric from a fabric shop in Cape Town, put it on the back-burner for over a year, then asked Moe to help me build a fairly simple but robust wooden frame, stretched the fabric over the frame, stapled it and BOOM – Insta-key. Anyways, here’s the video (which I think is hilarious). My bro and I edited it:

Some bonus Medical Chronicle cartoons:




My buddy James has been sending me a bunch of old comic jams, some of which I have no recollection of. I’ve included some in a gallery here below. We really have done so many jams now. YO! Witness:

DSTV launched a Star Wars channel, that’s kind of cool. I have set the PVR to record the first 3 movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Those were good:


Guys. I reserved a painting last night, painted by my talented friend Dan Clarke at his exhibition opening at 99 on Loop in Cape Town.

I dig it so:


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