Jarryd Jacobs


Ladies and gents, I’d like to introduce to you Jarryd Jacobs.

My first contact with Jarryd is when I saw some fan art for one of my Goldfish videos pop up on Twitter. I thought ‘hey, that’s cool!’ and retweeted it. I got an email from Jarryd saying thanks. Then, I got a couple more emails asking about animation and complimenting me on my work. Flattered, I responded.

Anyways, I got a couple more emails and we got chatting. Jarryd seemed extremely keen to learn animation, and really *really* liked my animation, particularly the Goldfish music videos. And then I started getting more pics. Some of these I think are amazing – I particularly laugh out loud when I read the comic about the mother chicken telling her youngster they’re having chicken for dinner. Nuts.


I got Jarryd to sign an NDA and put him on some of my projects. I offered to pay him but he wanted the experience. What I have below is a MEGA-post of some of Jarryd’s work he’s sent me, that includes Goldfish, Beatboxing Dave, Mike’s Universe, The Kiffness and some of his own comics.

Amazing. Thanks Jarryd. I get a kick out of seeing someone drawing in a similar style to mine. They say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

It may be worth noting that Jarryd’s autism hasn’t curbed his creativity in the least. I haven’t met him, but look forward to hopefully meeting him in December.


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