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Hello. My name is Mike.

So, what’s been happening? Well, Twende is rockin’ along and coming together really well. So kiff. Amazed we haven’t shared anything but that’s how we *rolling*.

I’ve submitted my 33-page creative outline for the next Bru & Boegie movie. Have moved on to writing the script, about 6000 words in and I’m surprised it’s kind of coalescing.

I’m afraid I don’t really have much to share here – I mean, I suppose I could share screenshots of a script but I dunno if that’s interesting.

Been watching hours and hours (and hours) of writers talking about process, mostly vids from a YouTube channel that’s a treasure-trove of writing knowledge called Film Courage:


It’s writers and producers talking about craft, structure, common mistakes, industry, what makes a compelling story, etc. It’s been a mini education. They’re all coming at it from a ‘writing for a viable Hollywood screenplay’ angle and nearly all of them are clear that if someone wants to make something creative and self-fulfilling and experimental (like Bru & Boegie), that’s not what they’re teaching but I’m hoping that by listening to these writers talk – which has become like entertainment for me now – I’m internalizing their wisdom.

Normally what I’d do (like with Goldfish music videos and Moosebox etc) is figure things out in boards and use doodles to fast-track the process, but I’m giving script and outline stage a really good go this time as that’s more of a typical process and I know my writing-muscle could use some practice.

Been neglecting my YouTube channel the last few months and that’s dropped off a bit, even though (luckily) it keeps ticking over and bringing in some passive income that I’m thrilled about and grateful for. I’ve almost finished a new Pac-Man 8bit remix track and once that’s done, will do the boards and animation for it. Peeps seem to go for that 8bit pixel art stuff more than anything else I put up.

Anyways. What a year eh? This post has no images, it’s just text. Text text text.

Attitude of gratitude. I’m trying to evolve. Bye.

Edit – ah ok, my pals @ Braintrust put up this rad Twende post. A pic!

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