Bru & Boegie – Chutney

Here is a thing I made the other day (direct link: ). I was watching a YouTube video where Irish people try South African food and snacks. They got offered ‘Mrs. Balls Chutney’ which is a staple here, but they were like ‘what kind of name is that?’ and then I realised what a weird name it is and it made me lol, so I recorded a couple minutes of a convo between Bru & Boegie off the cuff, edited it down to a minute, did a rough storyboard on the comp in Storyboard Pro, and did the animation straight ahead on iPad. The animation on iPad was new to me, I used an app called ‘Rough Animator’ and did it pretty much in a day. Not sure if this is a new way of doing things or what, but it certainly made things faster and more fun.

I mastered the voices and best I could in Ableton Live, and then recorded some music using an egg shaker, djembe, and mouth harp and comp’d in Final Cut Pro X.

I used a Zoom H6 recorder for both voice and music.


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