Comic Jams

You’ll see a bunch of comic jams between James and myself this week. Here is us jamming with some other nice peeps at surf cafe. Rad. Also, bonus pic – Bridget playing guitar on her birthday. Kiff.


Doing stuff for National Water Week. Yumskarumbs.

Back to work

Holiday chillaxing is tapering off as I’m returning to le work with my two machine buddies.

Crazy Waves

This might make your balls shrivel a bit: Check out Mpora Gear

What is?

Hi. This is my new endeavor. I plan to post a comic up once a day. I know I know, you’ve heard people say that before and then it peters out after a while. That might happen here too. But there’ll be my comics above and news that’s worthy of a post will get a…… Continue reading What is?