Hi guys. As you may have noticed I haven’t updated my site in ages. It’s because I’ve been kind of busy with stuff, and every now and then I think ‘ok ok, I’m gonna do a MASSIVE update’ and then the update in my mind gets so big that I never get around to doing it. So, that’s what happened. In the meantime, I’m getting prepared to go to Annecy in France for the ‘Annecy International Animation Festival’, and we’re going as a South African delegation, and we’ll have a SA stand there! So there’s been quite a few preparations for that. Part of that included putting together some select animation clips for a South African showreel. I put some stuff together and then thought ‘well dang, I may as well make a showreel now’. I have never made a showreel for myself. But I made this one in about 30 – 40 minutes and I’m happy with it. It also has some Daft Punk music, so, that’s nice.

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