I hope you are enjoying this site as much as I am. Look – its the beginning of another ‘Millionz-o-doodz’ piece.

Textbook Illustrations

Last year I did some illustrations for Cambridge University Press. I kind of enjoyed it. This year, I did some more. Herewith are the pictures I did. Its not in my usual somewhat wacky style, kind of nice to step out of that every now and then I suppose and do something a little more…… Continue reading Textbook Illustrations

Comic Jams

You’ll see a bunch of comic jams between James and myself this week. Here is us jamming with some other nice peeps at surf cafe. Rad. Also, bonus pic – Bridget playing guitar on her birthday. Kiff.


Doing stuff for National Water Week. Yumskarumbs.

Back to work

Holiday chillaxing is tapering off as I’m returning to le work with my two machine buddies.