Really like this UK based wind-powered group ‘Ecotricity’s’ spot. Features the Cape Town cooling towers coming pipe, whilst drinking a cup of tea:

Bing Bong

So, last year sometime, I was involved with designing characters and various assets for a game called ‘Bing Bong’. It was for a client in America, and a pretty rad job. Anyways, I got to see some of the action recently by means of a YouTube video. Nice. I’d like to see more of it.…… Continue reading Bing Bong


Here’s how my ‘Millionz-o-doodz’ pic is coming along. I have it in the lounge so when I sit down for a break I can do some more on it. Kyeeff.

Sunrise 2

Another awesome sunrise. Took le panorama pic. Kiff.


Nearly full moon and I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Awesome sunrise in this lovely lovely land I love called Plett.


I hope you are enjoying this site as much as I am. Look – its the beginning of another ‘Millionz-o-doodz’ piece.

Textbook Illustrations

Last year I did some illustrations for Cambridge University Press. I kind of enjoyed it. This year, I did some more. Herewith are the pictures I did. Its not in my usual somewhat wacky style, kind of nice to step out of that every now and then I suppose and do something a little more…… Continue reading Textbook Illustrations