Well look at that – ‘Animation Insider’ ran an interview with me. That’s nice.


Jokes jokes jokes, simmer down, there’s still tomorrow to think about, let’s look at what’s been happening.

Firstly, I took a photo of myself working at my studio. Because I don’t really have many pictures of me working, and sometimes I spend quite a bit of time doing stuff so I thought I’d tidy the place up a bit and here:


There you go. Working. So that at least when I’m not working, this picture’s working for me.

I also found this pixel profile pic I was doing. Lol:


Then guys, oh guys wow wow wow, I’ve been spending ages working on this one thing, and it’s all under wraps for now. Here’s some random little animated GIFs I made. I was using a demo of TVPaint but MAN it’s expensive to buy and you know how we feel about pirating software, so instead I’ve been using this Photoshop panel plugin called ‘AnimDessin2’ that does a similar thing, and is free if you own Photoshop, so that’s nice:




I also finished off this song that’s been a collab with a lot of different peeps doing bits, and then I stuck it together. Anything sucky about the song is as a result of my noodling ha:

Guys, let’s do some real talk – I’ve been reading articles and such that say the world isn’t in such a good place, at least for humans and some animals that is. We’re using too many resources, not cleaning up after ourselves, disillusioned ourselves that we can do little things to fix the planet, but apparently the scale has tipped and it’s not coming back, so we’re sliding into the pit in slow-motion. Guys. What do we do about this? I mean, seriously. Just keep on doing what we’re doing? I guess we just, keep on doing what we’re doing.

If you like some good-energy chill electro, my bro has another musical outlet called DJ Holidave (his name is Dave so when you combine ‘holiday’ and ‘Dave’ that’s the thing) and you can download both of his hour-or-so-long mixes here:

Also, if you’re a South African animation creator / writer / director / producer or ALL of them, maybe check out this special opportunity for South Africans to pitch at MIFA at The Annecy International Animation Festival later this year in France – sounds good.

Plett’s been nice. Been enjoying surfing:

Some of the best surfs I've had the last few days. Summer, u da bes.

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Also suggested a story to that they posted. I saw someone on Twitter post this Adventure Time-y Chinese show. Apparently made by 5 friends as a passion project. I think it’s great and inspiring. It’s called ‘The Legend of Lucky Pie’:

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  1. I’m listening to the music and visualizing lying on the sand in the sun, swimming, and walking the beach… I LOVE it! Your animation is intriguing… you have an incredible mind. I love it!

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