New Song – Lumpy

So I upgraded to Ableton Live 9 Standard and I’ve been using it since it’s launch earlier this month. I like it. I mostly do animation work, have played drums for a couple of bands and my brother’s band The Kiffness is really taking off. However, I’ve never really got into writing my own music. I’ve made a few songs but I don’t really put a lot of time into them and some I never post. This recent one I spent a bit of time on over the last few days. I generally do this stuff in the evenings after working on animation or on weekends. It’s a nice break to the graphic stuff sometimes. I’m still learning a lot and I suppose one of the best ways is to just go and make more and more of it. My brother also put up a really helpful post regarding making electronic music HERE. Kept things fairly simple despite it being fairly complex for me. Used one of Live’s downloadable drum packs I think, YMCK’s Magical8BitPlug for primitive waveforms, some of Live’s own instruments, some ‘hey’ voice samples I found and some of my own voice recordings.

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