2021 End of Year Gratitude Post

Hello again. Once again, your eyes are viewing the words that have been typed by digital means. Ok, enough of that.

It’s been a strange last 2 years. If you have lived in the world for the last year or two, you will know that it has been a strange time, so I’m not gonna riff off that for too long.

I’ve done some animation projects, a bit of this and a bit of that. But what I thought I’d focus on this time is mentioning people or companies that have helped me in some way over the years, taken a chance on me, thrown me a bone bro. So, a huge lot of gratitude is due.

Huge thanks to Dave & Dom from Goldfish, Cecil Barry from Red Pepper, Andy Wood and the late Gerhard Smith from Art Attack, John Vlismas and Justine Norval for an early break, all the people at Triggerfish Animation Studios; special thanks to Anthony Silverston, Mike Buckland and Stuart Forrest. Big thanks to Alexi Wheeler and Phil Rynda who were at Nickelodeon, and Nina Hahn from Nickelodeon. Big ups to Orion Ross from Disney. David ‘O Reilly for taking a punt with me for his [adult swim] shorts (big fan of David). My boet David Scott from The Kiffness for letting me try some stuff over the years for his music vids, live visuals, posters and such. Sam Bank and Hélène Sifre at Braintrust, and Charlie & Regan Maas for the whole Twende experience. Kayla Archer for all her amazing design skills, experience, input and support over the years. Kwame Nyong’o for essentially being my first animation teacher and also joining the Twende team. Nick Cloete, Jenna Gien, Ryan Van Eyk and Stephen Cloete at Mind’s Eye Creative for all their enthusiasm, hard work and creativity on our partnered projects. All the freelance clients who decided to reach out. Free Lives for letting me join them in Mauritius for their Game Jam Island which ended up segueing into the project I’m currently involved with; special thanks to Ruan Rothmann, Jason Sutherland and Evan Greenwood. Thanks to Rico & Steve from ‘Madam & Eve’. Big ups to Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew for featuring my work. Sheldon Bengtson and Greig Cameron for collaborating and teaching me some good things about writing. Thanks to my talented friends and colleagues who are doing such kiff things and pursuing their own paths. Thanks to my folks for their support and understanding.

I’m currently involved in a crypto-gaming project that has a fantastic team and community, so I’m gonna keep doing that. Here’s a roadmap from that project:

Got 2 more animation projects to try finish this year if that’s even possible, and doing little bits on my Bru & Boegie movie sequel.

Thanks for reading, and take care.

Bonus: my bro has an online store. I don’t even think he’s started marketing it yet, but it’s up and running – I ordered some rad ‘Alugalug Cat’ shirts (designed by Kayla Archer) which I dig, and I wear often.