2019 News Q1

Hi guys. You know what? It’s time for an update. I’m getting into it, I’m focused, I’m gonna post this thing 1 times shoe shine, bruh, READ ON FOR SOME DELICIOUS INFO.

The Olympics Channel finally released this 8bit bonanza. It’s all about Kriss Akabusi. He’s a bit of a legend. This thing was more work than we imagined. Carl Douglas and Ben Rausch helped me out. We did it through Rausch Bros. Animation in the US. I directed, edited, did boards and animatic, and comp’d, and almost cried. Enjoy:

GUYS GUYS GUYS. After years of trying to get my projects into Annecy, this time, I have 2 THINGS! That’s right! When it rains it pours! The first is ‘Twende’, a group collaborative project about a pangolin who rides a boda boda motorbike taxi in a fictional East African city. We spent 6 months (!) developing this show. It’s based off an original idea that kiff San Fran couple Charlie & Regan Maas had during their travels in East Africa. Their friends at Braintrust in the UK; Sam Bank and Hélène Sifre, liked the idea, and Kayla Archer and I met Hélène at Annecy last year. We were signed on to the project, long-time friend and collaborator from Kenya, Kwame N’yongo, joined too, and we made the kiffest-looking bible. I mean, seriously. It’s rad. Anyways, it was one of 7 of almost 200 projects that got accepted to the Annecy ‘Animation du Monde’ pitch competition, so, we’re gonna be pitching this lovely show next month.

The second thing is this rad little ‘Rabbids’ animation I got involved with. Kevin Van Der Meirin from a studio called ‘Noodles’ (based between Paris and London I think) got in touch to make some kiff 8bit pixel stuff for their short they were doing for Ubisoft’s ‘Rabbids’ IP. I was like ‘ma boiz. I love it. I’m in’ so I did that. I met Kevin and his colleague and friend Hugo from Ubisoft in Annecy last year. Anyways, the finished short’s ALSO been accepted to Annecy this year, and will be screened at the closing party I believe. How kiff? SUPER KIFF.

MA FRENZ Please, listen up when I tell you this info. My ‘Pac-Man’ video that I and Carl Douglas made for Fumitake Igarashi, a musician from Japan, clocked how many? How many views? 10 MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE! Well, now it’s 11 million. That is so cool, and, wow. Whaddathing. Please like, comment and subscribe please thanks:

Also – hang on, take it easy, what’s that? Our Goldfish music video for ‘We Come Together’ also clocked 10 million views?!? Whaaa! Amazing! Check it out:

Also, feel free to glance over these predictions for the South African animation scene I made in a recent issue of Callsheet. Also, who knows what they’re speaking about anymore these days? I will answer for you – nobody knows anymore. Look into your crystal ball. What do you see? My friend, you see nothing.

I used the ‘Wayback Machine’ to find old versions of websites I’d made, and long-deleted things. Here’s a random gallery for you to feast upon:

Ok, well, that’s all well and good. “What else you got?” I hear you murmur. Man, check out this run cycle of Moose I did (from that show Moosebox) for my buddy Jac Hamman’s ‘Communnity Run Cycle’:

Still want more? I used some fancy tools to make this endearing 3D animation of my brother dancing. It’s cutting edge – so sharp, don’t nick yourself:

Oh look! My 2 besties, Bru & Boegie:

And then – Nickelodeon posted the OG Moosebox pilot on their Facebook and Youtube page! The video blew up quickly on the Facebook page, which is cool. Lots of great feedback. I’m hoping the 20 new Moosebox shorts get released soon, because man – those are something, and they’re lying in wait for when none of us expect them. Like a kraken waiting in the shadows, so that someone can shout “Release the kraken!” and then 20 Moosebox shorts will fall like mana from heaven, or some such thing.

I made this little short. So, I saw UFOs twice in my life, and I figured I better make a little animation about it, in case anyone out there is searching the Internet to try and correlate their own experiences, in the hope they might find this video and go “Yes, that’s just like what I saw!” and then the world might be a better place for both of us.

Here’s an update on my Bru & Boegie short, which I wanna finish. Guys, I wanna finish this thing. But the thing is, I’m enjoying the process, and I don’t want to stress my nut off trying to finish it, so I’m putting a lot of time and care and attention into this next Bru & Boegie short, and I really am proud of it. Nobody’s given me a deadline for it, and for me it’s like a gift that keeps on giving.

I got an Ergotron arm for my Wacom Cintiq, and decided to do a little setup and review about it. I really dig it. Am using it now. It’s great.

James Wolfaardt, Kayla Archer and I did a comic jam and recorded it. Bit of an experiment, here it is:

Thank you for reading. Wow, another post eh? My site is falling apart with recent WordPress updates. The theme I’m using, ‘Canvas’ is no longer being supported. I don’t even think my comments work anymore 🙁 So, I’m thinking about finding a way to keep all my past WordPress posts, and migrate to a different platform or something. Or maybe I just need a Jetpack theme, I dunno. Suggestions welcome please.

Thank you.

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