Hi guys. As you may have noticed I haven’t updated my site in ages. It’s because I’ve been kind of busy with stuff, and every now and then I think ‘ok ok, I’m gonna do a MASSIVE update’ and then the update in my mind gets so big that I never get around to doing it. So, that’s what happened. In the meantime, I’m getting prepared to go to Annecy in France for the ‘Annecy International Animation Festival’, and we’re going as a South African delegation, and we’ll have a SA stand there! So there’s been quite a few preparations for that. Part of that included putting together some select animation clips for a South African showreel. I put some stuff together and then thought ‘well dang, I may as well make a showreel now’. I have never made a showreel for myself. But I made this one in about 30 – 40 minutes and I’m happy with it. It also has some Daft Punk music, so, that’s nice.


I Won a Thing


Yay for Mike! I won an award for ‘Best Animation’ at the ‘Short & Sweet Music Video Awards‘ in Cape Town. The award was for my animated Goldfish music video ‘One Million Views’. Thanks to organisers Julia Stephenson and Cara Rust, the organisers for putting the awards together – it was great! Also, so cool to have my buddy Ant Silverston from Triggerfish present me the award! Woot! Some pics (gotta click on ‘Continue Reading’ to check more, yo):

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Natwick & Meow


Dear friends, colleagues, visitors and curious philanderers. I have not yet updated with an update I’ve been meaning to make for many moons, simply because I am hard at work on a single project, and when work finishes for that project, I like nothing better than to relax back into a couch and stare blankly at my phone, as if expecting a magic trick to happen but it never quite does.

So, what I did was create a website for my friend and fellow philanderer (jokes, neither of us are that) Stuart Coutts. It is now a home for all his cat comics – which I must say are really quite funny. One cat is upp-y and the other is down-y, and I think they’re both fairly existential. Anyways, please do have a look at his ‘Natwick and Meow‘ website. You can click the ‘random’ button and the various comics will present themselves to you only when your conscious mind is ready to perceive them, using a new technology called ‘pre-emptive cognitive awareness’.

I am not a website designer by design, yet through sheer stupidity managed to figure out a few things whilst designing my own, brother’s and mother’s sites.

I have more to tell you, but I shall save it for a separate post. Soon, dear reader, soon.


BONUS: Albino squirrel that lives in our complex in Cape Town. My brother’s named him ‘Albi-Yes’ (instead of albi-no). So.

Meet 'Albie Yes'. He's the albino squirrel that lives in our complex.

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