ICON 2016 Disney Triggerfish Story Lab Interview

Hi guys.

So, Les Allen interviewed me and Nas Hoosen at the ICON GEEK EXPO 2016 in Johannesburg recently. We talked for almost an hour about stuff. The video is above.

Also, my brother Dave aka The Kiffness recently dropped this amazing song and video. Love it:

What else is up? I’ve been developing ‘Dogshow’. Would so like to show you some images, but I don’t think I’m allowed to. Yeeeargh! All this kiff stuff I’d dig to show. I’m nearly finished animating the next Bru & Boegie short, then my bro will do music and sfx. I’m also busy making another special animated music video.

Thanks for popping in.


3D Moosebox


Was backing up work and came across this awesome 3D Moosebox sculpt I commissioned my buddy Sam King from Cape Town to make. He was working at Triggerfish at the time I was developing the Moosebox show, and I dig this piccie lank.

Moose has found a power-gem and stuck it in his belly-button, making him ‘SOOPA’. It’s from a story outline we wrote during development.

Here’s the sketch I gave him, and I asked him to include pixel elements:


Here’s an image I pulled from his CGSociety page:


Rad. While I’m not sure what’ll happen with Moosebox, I do think it’s a great show and I get the feeling we’ll make it one way or another 🙂