Procedural doodle during a meeting. At least 2 people have suggested that I continue posting doodles and rough work. I think they’re right.




The animated music video I made for Goldfish in 2011, ‘We Come Together’, has *just* passed 4 million views on YouTube. Okes. That’s pretty nuts.

It’s an 8bit affair and I’m pretty sure, apart from the schweet tune, that the retro 8bit graphics and nice crunchy 8bit chiptune my bro made struck a nerve with a large number of people out there. I’m pleased about this because my Nickelodeon pilot, ‘MooseBox’, is in a similar vein. And I’m looking forward to being able to show you that.

Have a squizz at the video below as well as the ‘making of’:




The Callsheet: Short form animation – Can Africa Find Its Voice?


There’s a print and web South African publication called ‘The Callsheet‘ and I believe it deals with the local film and animation industry. I gave some input on page 12 of an article called ”Short form animation – Can Africa Find Its Voice?’.

If you’d like to check it out, you can read the e-magazine online HERE.

Also, the Springleap post I recently took down – I got my dates a bit wrong and good news – Springleap made good. Great.


Annecy 2014 Review

EDIT: If you’d like to read more about the South African vibe at Annecy, please check out these posts from ScreenAfrica and Triggerfish.

Howzit okes. Annecy was awesome. Also went to Norway afterwards. Instead of preparing for a massive post, I may continue to build on this post with extra info. In the meantime, here’s a shot of us South Africans after giving our ‘Focus on South Africa’ talk at Annecy: