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HELLO! So, I made a short. Drew the stuff in my sketchbook first and then scanned the images in, cut some stuff up in Photoshop, animated in Anime Studio and edited and added audio in Premiere Pro.

I’ve set up an online SHOP so that’s nice.


NEWS from the place and the thing.

Good day fellow human being of planet Earth. I thought I’d give you that welcome because it’s MONDAY and a start to the week. So, you know. Why not.

Listen – some news.

I’ve been animating this little short experimental project this week. I was sitting down at a coffee shop in Plett and doodling. I guess I started getting into free association mode, started doodling this trangle-headed dude. Kind of liked it and drew some more, ended up with 10 pics. Then I scanned them, cut them up in Photoshop, and animated the scenes in Anime Studio. Put them together. First draft above. Decided that if I’m doing a personal project, the most I can do is enjoy the process. And that’s exactly what I did. Great success.

With any luck my bro may do sound for it. Here are some of the original drawings:

kopistilo_v2 kopistilo_v1

I’m also kind of posting things as I go over at the LostMarble forums if you’d like to see how things progress.

I saw something online that suggested a good hack – a plug in a drawer so that it’s possible to charge devices neatly and then be able to close the drawer. Really simple – drill a hole in the back of the drawer cabinet and feed through an extension cord. I did that. Really simple, now don’t have to crawl under desk to charge things. Yay:


I got myself a Nintendo 2DS. I like it because it’s pretty cheap and light, comfortable, and I can get nice games from an online shop with wi-fi. I’ve been wanting to play ‘Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ for ages, I often see it cited as ‘the best game ever made’. That’s quite a lofty statement and I never really liked Zelda since playing ‘Twlight Princess’ on the Wii. I think I stopped playing halfway, and that’s the first Zelda game I tried. Anyways, I’m a couple hours in to ‘Ocarina of Time’ and I see why people say it’s the greatest game ever – I imagine back in 1998 it blew people’s minds. I also see how many games copied it thereafter. Anyways, so far it’s stood the test of time.

I also have got the original 1985 Super Mario Bros 1, and Super Mario Bros 3. I clocked the first game recently using a save / restore point – man, it was pretty tricky. Some old games were actually really challenging. And it’s not like a person could’ve saved in original Super Mario Bros – there were no continues either. If you wanted to clock it, for the most part it had to be done in one go. I suppose a person could pause the game for a day and pick up the next day, but…


Had a halloween party recently. My buddy came dressed as ‘MooseBox’. Classic:


Some other halloween things we made:

spooky_butternut_v1 spooky_ham_v1

Some family friends from Arizona, US got me this SCHWEET Super Mario Bros. 8bit shirt. I dig it LANK.


Also, I recently got 5 of these Goldfish ‘Dog is a DJ’ shirts. I drew it for them on spec and as payment I asked for a couple shirts when they printed them (I think they printed a bunch and sell them at gigs / online shop). They printed really well. I dig them. Dog is from my animated Goldfish videos, this one in particular references my latest music video ‘One Million Views’ where Dog is a bit of a mullet DJ who presses play and poses like this with his arms up, posing for the crowd. Incidentally, the video is creeping on one million views.


Some more great MooseBox fan art from Alfred / @PaperBoxHouse (what a delight checking these):


I made a little ‘OctoCat’ gif. OctoCat is a series of shorts animated by David O’Reilly. It’s made to look like a kid made it (‘Randy Peters’ was his pseudonym for this) and I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Click HERE to watch the full OctoCat series.



MooseBox Stills and Other Stuff

Saved out a couple of MooseBox stills!


Also, already got Fan-Art! Thanks to @PaperBoxHouse for these:



And thanks to @Rubenuzo for the one I received today. Brilliant!


Also, I recently unwrapped my brother’s new album ‘KIFF’ and filmed it. As you may know I designed the album and it’s really nice to see it all put together IRL:

In other news, my lovely lady and I recently put some of our wares up for sale at a local market yesterday. Was loads of fun!



Also, I received this really nice email from Jake. Thank you Jake!

Hi Mike, I’d like to first say I think your work is freaking awesome! The animations you produce are inspiring and I hope you continue to do what you do for a long time c: [...] Long story short, I was re-inspired by your work and I look forward to animating something hopefully a tenth of the quality you produce. Thanks for the boost of confidence Mike!



MooseBox from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo.



My Nickelodeon pilot is recently up online! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. There was also an announcement on AWN today.

Guys, I am SO flippen’ amped for this. LIKE ***SO*** AMPED. Well done to all involved.


Created as part of Nickelodeon’s 2013 International Shorts Program

Created & Directed by Mike Scott

Produced by Suzanne Lang, Alexi Wheeler, Mike Buckland & Triggerfish Animation

Written by Mike Scott, Mike Buckland, Anthony Silverston, Jason Ward & Raffaella Delle Donne

Pencil animation by Stuart Coutts & Mike Scott
Pixel animation by Francis Coulombe, Carl Douglas, Acacia Lawson & Mike Scott
Backgrounds by Logan Tanner & Mike Scott

Casting/Voice Direction by Gene Vassilaros

Moose: Eric Bauza
CatBox: EG Daily
Dr. Hipster: JP Manoux
Princess Burger: Janice Kawaye

Music and SFX by David Scott aka ‘The Kiffness’

Creative Consultant: Chris Savino

Audio Mix and recording live link: Stephen Webster, TheWorkRoom

Post Production Supervisor: James Middleton

Grade: David Grant, Searle Street Post

Thanks to Kevin Sukho Lee at Nickelodeon for initial contact and discussion, James Wolfaardt for early development & Kelly Dillon for CatBox’s scratch voice



Nice Like Spice


Above is another in my ‘Mike’s Universe’ series. On Saturday I sat down at Robberg Beach 5 at Plettenberg Bay and drew what was happening. A dude was talking to a lady. Waves weren’t that nice for surfing. Luckily I had ma sketchbook.


‘Heaven’s Countryland Part 1′, one of the four shorts from David O’Reilly for which I did a bunch of 8bit graphics, won an honorable mention at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. That’s nice:

I was going through some old files and discovered these treasures from when I was a toddler:


Age 3-and-a-half. Nice, Mike.




I dig this. Kind of like the person’s got an apple head. 3 colours, can make out the pic – nice. Hi-5 young Mike.


So, this. My mother never used to drink whisky, and she’s not particularly tall. She is slim though and she did play tennis. Made for some interesting conversations at teacher-parent day where she really tried to impress that she does not drink whisky. Why I did this, I’m not sure I’ll ever know. Sorry ma. You’re still my best mum.

I’m currently finishing off a ‘Millionz-O-Doodz’ canvas for a buddy’s gallery opening in Muizenberg, Cape Town: