Well look at that – ‘Animation Insider’ ran an interview with me. That’s nice.


Jokes jokes jokes, simmer down, there’s still tomorrow to think about, let’s look at what’s been happening.

Firstly, I took a photo of myself working at my studio. Because I don’t really have many pictures of me working, and sometimes I spend quite a bit of time doing stuff so I thought I’d tidy the place up a bit and here:


There you go. Working. So that at least when I’m not working, this picture’s working for me.

I also found this pixel profile pic I was doing. Lol:


Then guys, oh guys wow wow wow, I’ve been spending ages working on this one thing, and it’s all under wraps for now. Here’s some random little animated GIFs I made. I was using a demo of TVPaint but MAN it’s expensive to buy and you know how we feel about pirating software, so instead I’ve been using this Photoshop panel plugin called ‘AnimDessin2′ that does a similar thing, and is free if you own Photoshop, so that’s nice:




I also finished off this song that’s been a collab with a lot of different peeps doing bits, and then I stuck it together. Anything sucky about the song is as a result of my noodling ha:

Guys, let’s do some real talk – I’ve been reading articles and such that say the world isn’t in such a good place, at least for humans and some animals that is. We’re using too many resources, not cleaning up after ourselves, disillusioned ourselves that we can do little things to fix the planet, but apparently the scale has tipped and it’s not coming back, so we’re sliding into the pit in slow-motion. Guys. What do we do about this? I mean, seriously. Just keep on doing what we’re doing? I guess we just, keep on doing what we’re doing.

If you like some good-energy chill electro, my bro has another musical outlet called DJ Holidave (his name is Dave so when you combine ‘holiday’ and ‘Dave’ that’s the thing) and you can download both of his hour-or-so-long mixes here:

Also, if you’re a South African animation creator / writer / director / producer or ALL of them, maybe check out this special opportunity for South Africans to pitch at MIFA at The Annecy International Animation Festival later this year in France – sounds good.

Plett’s been nice. Been enjoying surfing:

Some of the best surfs I've had the last few days. Summer, u da bes.

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Also suggested a story to that they posted. I saw someone on Twitter post this Adventure Time-y Chinese show. Apparently made by 5 friends as a passion project. I think it’s great and inspiring. It’s called ‘The Legend of Lucky Pie':


All the Things in Jan


Hi! You must be interested in the things! Luckily, I have your back.

“So” (sits down in leather chair with a tumbler of juice and a pipe with nothing in it). “Let me tell you what is going on, shall I?”

My Goldfish music video for ‘One Million Views’ finally reached ‘One Million Views’. Great stuff. Thanks to all who watched. That makes 5 of the 6 animated Goldfish music videos I’ve done part of the millionaire’s club (and let’s not forget my animated music video for the song’ We Come Together’ that has 4.5 million views).

Google ChromeScreenSnapz144

If only I had 5c for every person that watched one of my Goldfish videos, I’d be able to buy at least a cheeseburger.

Moving on. Let’s have a look at my golf swing:


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Not bad.

Guys! I was exhibiting my ‘Triangle Infinity’ canvas and on the last day of the exhibition a collector from Joburger walked in and said he wants to take it. Apparently he had seen me playing some drums on my phone (plugged into an amp) at open mic at Surf Cafe previously. That’s cool. Here’s the last pic I took of the big 1.2m x 1.2m (I think that was the size) canvas:


I also see something I did towards the end of last year has been completed by a buddy who asked me to do a ‘Millionz-O-Doodz’ thing for a student card. He did the rest. Kiff. It’s on his site ‘‘:




What else what else – work continues with my Nickelodeon project that I’ve been busy with since like, June of last year. It’s in the over, baking nicely. Here’s a doodle of a honey badger:

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December update

Hi everybody IN THE WORLD.

What a year. Highlights include releasing my Nickelodeon pilot ‘MooseBox’, designing my brother’s new album and seeing it appear in shops locally and in Japan, working with David O’Reilly on some [adults swim] idents, going to AfrikaBurn, going to Annecy, going to the SAMAs, having two of my videos clock 1 million views, drawing lots of ‘Millionz-O-Doodz’, enjoying good health, being with family, enjoying friends, being at Triggerfish in Cape Town … has been a nice year.

Here’s some latest stuff. I just finished this experimental short (above) called KOPISTILO. I drew the pages in a sketchbook, scanned them, cut them up in Photoshop, animated in Anime Studio and comp’d in Premiere Pro. My bro Dave did the sound. Nice.

I printed a large ‘Triple-Infinity’ and it’s up for sale in Plettenberg Bay at an exhibition called ‘Flow':




was also part of Triggerfish’s Christmas video, that’s here:

I’ve spent the last months developing a show. I’d like to say more about it, but terms of agreement bro. Anyways, I’m really excited for it.


MooseBox Nice Thingz

Oh guys. Oh guys. Oh guys. Been a fairly nice and busy month of flat out work. I CANNOT SAY TOO MUCH BECAUSE. But, I can show you some nice other things. For example, how about this lovely clay Dr. Hipster and CatBox that my buddy Stuart Coutts made today at work?


Charming. Or this piece of MooseBox work from someone called Alfred who has done other MooseBox fan art?


Or this interesting picture by CatDogHeffer of MooseBox?


Here’s a recent article about some stuff, ‘Feature Animations – Incubating an African Pixar’ by Kim Muller. Though I’m not involved in features at the moment I have been working at Triggerfish Studios in Cape Town, they make features (Zambezia, Khumba) and I’ve got a really nice big space set up in there. It has a pic of Ant and I casually drawing stuff on the board. So casual:


Just for good measure, here are two MooseBox GIFs:



I actually have a short that I finished a while ago and my brother’s made music for it, I just haven’t put the HD file together yet. And there are one or two changes and additions I want to make. I guess that’s something! YO!

ALSO I saw MooseBox in the cinema at the recent ‘Kunjanimation’ animation festival in Cape Town:


And then Triggerfish’s ’48 Hour Film Project’ that I did some storyboards for also in the cinema:


And I also gave a 2-hour talk to mostly animation students at ‘The Animation School’ in Cape Town as part of ‘Pop the Culture’. I really enjoyed that. Well, I spent quite a bit of time preparing and I was slightly curious as to whether I could talk for a full 2 hours but I ended up running out of time (and I’m kind of a little bit bummed about that because I had some more important stuff to say.) Anyways, had a really great turn out.



AAAND well done to my brother who just won @SimfyAfrica’s ‘Album of the Year’ for ‘KIFF’! That. Is. Kiff.


ALSO guys, check out my buddy Keegan’s new music video for Jack Parow’s song. I gotta say, the song lyrics are pretty hardcore (NSFW alert) and I like the video a lot more than the song, Nice job Keegan :)


The News!

He everybody. It’s been a while since I posted, and I’m working on some nice things. So I thought to myself ‘Mike. It’s time. It’s time buddy. It is time, to post, some things.’ So, behold:

I recently got a short haircut that reminded me of an ID pic I had from ages ago, so my kind mother took a pic of me and then I superimposed it over the pic and now look – about 15 years difference in a GIF. Amazing:


Then, the album I designed for my bro’s record ‘KIFF’ has reached the shores of Japan! Here it is in FLAKE record store in Osaka, Japan:


I’ve been working at Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town on SOME NICE THINGS:


While I was in Cape Town I walked past a shop with this awesome African Robot guy. I call him AFROBOT:


Here, someone at a Goldfish concert in Edinburgh looks like he made himself a shirt with my Goldfish man in a kilt. Nice job yo!


Recently I was part of a Triggerfish team that took part in the ’48 Hour Film Challenge’ where a genre, character and prop is given to teams and they’re given 48 hours to make a film. I was doing some storyboards. Out film ‘The Case of the Disappearing Daddy’ came in joined 2nd place out of around 27 films, and won Best Sound Design and got nominated for Writing, Production Design, Supporting Actress, Producer, Original music score and Director. Niiice.