Dear friends! I have exciting news for y’all! I have released my first full album! As a sideline hobby I make songs and have been doing so for years. At some point I thought ‘Hmm. I bet I could put an album together’ so I made a New Year’s Resolution to do so. Lo and behold, this is it! Quite a few people contributed to various songs, and my brother David aka ‘The Kiffness’ mastered it for me. I’m really proud of how it’s worked out, I’ve listened to it a lot and I like it a lot. I may be biased but whatevs.

You can listen to the whole thing on either Band Camp or Soundcloud and download the whole album for free! Also went through a couple options for album cover which are below.



New Work Ah ha ha! August!

Hello! Wow. What a long time it’s been since you and I have chatted. I’m out here, doing stuff, and you’re like ‘what what what? Whaz happenin’?’ So, please, sit down, have this tea that I made especially for this moment, and gaze upon the following. Also, have this biscuit that I made especially for this very moment too. Jokes, bought the biscuits from Woolies. Lol.

Been doing some work! First up is a bunch of animation I did for two twin sister DJs that hail from Scotland – THE MAC TWINS! And what fine young lasses they are. They were playing at Edinburgh Festival this year and they wanted an update to their live visual set. So, I gladly provided a bunch-o-8bit-animation and apparently it went down well. Great! Here is a cut down montage:

Next up – OH MY SACK I finished my 50-page Moosebox bible and 11-minute animatic. I’ve been developing the show for over a year and recently submitted finals. Exciting! Here’s a sneaky quick video of the bible:

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Here are some pics of me running a trail run so that you can think ‘wow Mike is keeping fit, well done ol’ man’:



My bro, his fiancĂ©e, my cousin and I filmed a music video one afternoon for my brother’s song ‘I AM THE BEST’ (a song I’m fond of.) A buddy and I built two big green screens a while ago and we put them to good use for this video. The screens work surprisingly well – just got some lumo green fabric from a fabric shop in Cape Town, put it on the back-burner for over a year, then asked Moe to help me build a fairly simple but robust wooden frame, stretched the fabric over the frame, stapled it and BOOM – Insta-key. Anyways, here’s the video (which I think is hilarious). My bro and I edited it:

Some bonus Medical Chronicle cartoons:




My buddy James has been sending me a bunch of old comic jams, some of which I have no recollection of. I’ve included some in a gallery here below. We really have done so many jams now. YO! Witness:

DSTV launched a Star Wars channel, that’s kind of cool. I have set the PVR to record the first 3 movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Those were good:


Guys. I reserved a painting last night, painted by my talented friend Dan Clarke at his exhibition opening at 99 on Loop in Cape Town.

I dig it so:




Hi guys. Shewee. It sure has been a while since I posted a post. But you know what? It’s 2am and I’m thinking ‘Mike. Mike Mike Mike. It is time. IT IS TIME TO TELL THE PEOPLE’S WHO WANT TO KNOW, WHAT THERE IS TO KNOW.’

And so, let me please take you through some things.

FIRSTLY – I am doing well. The only problems I really have at the moment are false little problems my clever mind has made for me to chew on. Hah. NICE TRY.

SECONDLY – I went to Annecy, the biggest animation festival in France, in the most beautiful town called ‘Annecy’. Man, that place is so awesome. Let me please show you some photos:


At the Belgium Beer Party


Some of the South African delegation chillin’ in the park


I saw a photo op and took it. Could be a kiff album cover if they were in a band and if it had that kind of toothpaste balloon writing in the middle top, that said ‘HELLO THAR’



Phil Rynda bottom left, all-round legend and nice guy (and lead character designer on Adventure Time Seasons 1-3 and lecturer at CalArts), Gary Doodles in middle, creator of ‘Breadwinners’ on Nickelodeon, and Tommy Sica on right, the show’s musician and I believe now producer too


Masaaki Yuasa who directed and animated the Adventure Time episode ‘Food Chain’. He didn’t know who I was but I harangued him into a pic anyways

We had an awesome South African delegation. Sometimes I just thought ‘Man. This is so kiff.’ Then, towards the end of the festival I ran out of energy and got a little antsy. In fact I feel like I’ve only recently caught up with myself. I met my Nickelodeon contacts there and discussed my ‘Moosebox’ project, I’m all kind of excited for it. Also got to meet some awesome animation people. MAN. It was so cool. DAMN. GUYS IT WAS SO COOL. I’m so lucky.

Anyways (cough) what else what else. Here’s some new snaps you won’t see anywhere else because I put them together for this post:

I made a little ditty:

I been jamming some drums and making music with other people:


Aaand, I’ve been doing some personal work. This here’s a Bru & Boegie episode, I’ve recorded the voices and when I feel like it I’ll scan the sketchbook pages, animate some stuff and put the audio to it:


I’m working on some stuff for two DJ sisters from the UK who are playing Edinburgh Festival fairly soon so I’m doing a bunch of VJ stuff for them:


Ya. Nice. Also, I did a little lyric video for my brother The Kiffness‘ new track featuring Kurt Darren, ‘Supernova’:


Thennn, I redesigned the Animation South Africa logo which is a big honour, and here’s a banner too:



There’s a ASA Facebook page so if you’re in the animation world in South Africa, please do join. There’s a cool committee on board and I think there’ll be some cool stuff resulting.

Here are some Medical Chronicle cartoons, odds and ends yo: