The Kiffness 8bit Remix of MGMT’s ‘KIDS’


My bro made a kiff 8bit remix of MGMT’s ‘KIDS’ track and I did a pic for it. Why? Because they’re in the top 4 finalists to open for MGMT when they come to South Africa.

Friends, please hear me now. If you’re in South Africa and if you’re feeling like a boss, magnanimous and super-kiff, please SMS KIFFNESS to 48477. You can SMS up to 5 times on one number. This here’s a popularity contest and it’s down to votes. We don’t particularly like popularity contests but this really is a kiff opportunity for me bro and Shandu. So, you know. Please do them a solid.



Heaven’s Countryland – [adult swim] idents


Earlier this year I took a chance and got in touch with David O’Reilly – my hero – who put out a call for people to do some stuff. I did some 8bit graphics under his direction for something called ‘Heaven’s Countryland’. I didn’t know what it was but it was a rad gig. Usually I plan out 8bit work fairly extensively but was encouraged to work almost straight ahead. It was a nice change-up and a pleasure to collude with my biggest animation hero (seriously, his work is da bes. External World, an episode of Adventure Time in 3D, the 3D videogame sequences in the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’, Octocat).

I noticed yesterday that the finished shorts were posted on YouTube. They’ve received lovely retro treatment, the audio is spot-on – I DIG THEM!

I discovered the last two (my personal favourites) have been selected as ‘Shorts in Competition’ at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September. Nice.


The Greatest Animated Music Videos


So, a site called ‘Creation‘ made a post about ‘The Greatest Animated Music Videos’ and they included one of my Goldfish animated music videos in that list. Pretty schweet. What I’m pleased about is the other music videos they’ve chosen, because I *also* think those videos are awesome.

Dire Straits – Money for Nothing – flippen’ great video! Early computer animation, and it still looks awesome today. Also, the song features what believe to be the best build-up in history.

Paranoid Android – Yep, I used to seriously dig this video when it came out. I was in high school and I’d catch it every now and then on the common room TV and be inspired. I watched it once or twice while doing some research for my first Goldfish music video, Soundtracks and Comebacks.

One More Time – Daft Punk. YO. THIS IS DA BES VIDEO. I’ve also studied this video whilst doing a couple other projects. Awesome. I was also kind of obsessed with this song when it came out. I used to DJ at University and this was ma tuuune.

Thanks Creation! U KIFF.

Also, Goldfish recently pointed people to my site and I experienced a boom. My traffic looks like this from that one day:


I recently finished two big projects and now plan on working on MY OWN SPECIAL PROJECT WOO WOO WOO.


The new album ‘KIFF’ out now!

My brother wrote the following post on his site I’m pasting it here in its entirety. I also did some ‘Twakkie’ animation at the beginning and end of the album preview below :)

Over the last 3 years I have written over 40 songs in my studio in Kenilworth, Cape Town. I’ve decided to choose the 13 songs that would be best suited for an album. The fact that the album is finally out is both excites me and frightens me, but I’m certainly very proud of this achievement.

This album was made possible because of the wonderful people that I’ve managed to surround myself with. I’d first like to thank my God for the gift of music and its ability to uplift the human spirit. My parents who have given me undeserving support and sacrificed a lot to allow me to pursue a career in music. I’m glad I can make you proud, and I can’t tell you how rewarding it is knowing that you enjoy my music. My amazing girlfriend Jüte, thank you for being so supportive of my career and being a pillar of strength in my life. My brother Mike who designed this album and made it look more awesome than I could have ever imagined – thanks for being such a kiff brother. My band mate and long time school friend Mvelo Shandu for tolerating me for the last 2 years – thank you for being such a great companion on stage and on the long trips to different shows. Our friends & family who have always encouraged and supported The Kiffness from the start. Your support at our shows and messages of encouragement keep us going. Duncan Shelwell & Paul Thackwray from Sony who have encouraged me to make better music, and helped me realise my potential as a producer. Special thanks to Duncan – ‘Stepping Out’ and ‘Find A Way’ would probably never have happened without your guidance, so thank you. Rogan Kelsey who mastered the album, thank you for putting such care into making the album sound as good as it does. Our local heroes Dave & Dom from Goldfish as well as Ben & Jules from Goodluck, thanks for your advice over the years and for giving us a headstart in our careers by providing us with a platform and giving us opportunities to jam with you guys. Our agent Natasha Seery for booking us such amazing shows.

And last but not least the talented musicians who I had the pleasure of working with over the last 3 years. This album would not have been possible without you. I really am honoured to have worked with you all:

Raiven Hansmann, Clem Carr, Martin Wolfaardt, Mathew Gold, Zoe Modiga, Samuel Miller, Evelyn Hart, Alastair Thomas & Tom Revington. You guys are all super kiff. Special thanks goes out to Raiven for contributing significantly to the album. He co-wrote Camps Bay & Away From Here and features on Sax and keys in LazrKat & Pushin’ On. He’s also given invaluable feedback and advice on most of the songs.

Special thanks to the following guys for your contributions:
Ole Ohm from aFREAKa onesies, Mike Vaughn from Marshall Music and AKG, Jürgen von Wechmar from Sunset Studios, ClassyMenace, Keegan Thornhill from Cosmic Onion Ring Animation, Blue Cowling from Surf Cafe, Greg Wilson from Mystic Boer, Rob van Vuuren aka Twakkie, Brendan Barnes from CrashCarBurn.

‘KIFF’ is now available for PRE-ORDER ON iTUNES. And how Kiff? If you pre-order the album now you’ll get the latest single on the album ‘Find A Way’ ft. Shortstraw. Awesome.

You can preview the entire album on YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD.