New Stuff end Oct 2016

Friends. My friends onna Intanet. And real friends. Welcome to the house of PAIN. Jks. Thanks for reading.

Some new things!

First up, I designed this mascot dude for the first ever ‘South African Adaptive Surfing’ championship that took place in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Here’s this bunny:


Kiff. And then I designed a sticker set for iOS 10! Funimalz, available on the App Store!



Aaand then, I inked and coloured some stickers for Triggerfish’s ‘Khumba’ sticker set, sketched up Lorraine Alvarez Posen. I don’t know if they’re available yet in the App Store:


And then my bro and I collab’d to make this single design for his new song with Josh Wantie, which is a kiff song. My bro did all the concept work, I just neatened it up:


Then I did this Medical Chronicle cartoon:


Then I’m busy laying out a book that my mom Susan Scott and her friend and collaborator Susan E. Schwartz, Ph.D wrote called ‘Aging & Becoming’, it’s pretty much done and looks like a great book. Been an interesting challenge because traditionally my type layout skills haven’t been that hot, but, I’m learning. I followed this great tutorial on how to lay out a book properly and set it up the right way in Indesign. I figured I may as well learn how to do it right from the start:


Then I got a job from this Boston / US based company that’s making 10 second shorts for another company for SnapChat. I gave the boarding and character design work to James Wolfaardt and my bro did the music and sfx. I animated it. This is the result:


Then I did a review of my Wacom Cintiq 22″ HD vs. my olde Wacom Cintiq 12″:

Then my Pac-Man vid Carl Douglas and I did for Take has clocked over half a million views! Rad:

I’ve also put up a couple tutorials for using Toon Boom Harmony Premium 14. I bought the upgrade recently and have to admit, I’ve been loving it. Has sped up my workflow a lot, the node view has made comp’ing way easier, the top light is a life-saver for dimming other layers when onion-skinning, I take my hat off to Toon Boom because I’ve slated their previous stuff, I bought TB Animate 2 and it frustrated the heck out of me.

THEN I’ve pretty much finished a brand new Goldfish music video! Hopefully it’ll be released soon. That’s been on the cooker for a while now and most of the production was done this month (it’s been a busy month).

Crunch time weeeoooeee!!! đŸ™‚ going kiff.

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Full list of contributors to this vid on release. Has been a pleasure working with others on this.

AND THEN tomorrow I fly to Joburg, and then off to Mauritius to join Free Lives who are busy making videogames there! Rad! You can check the video documentary they’ve made about the experience thus far here:

I also finished making this short for some US comedians but will post that once they put it up.

In other news, put in an offer for a house three times, offer wasn’t accepted. Planning to spend January working on Bru & Boegie stuff, the voices we recorded for this new Beatboxing Dave short are (I think) hilarious, and I recommend a free program called ‘Post Haste‘ for generating a consistent folder structure before you start projects to make backing stuff up easier and general workflow better, and I’ve been enjoying this (paid for) app called ‘Paste‘ for Mac that lets you keep 500 or more ‘copy’ histories, you know every time you CMD+C to copy something then accidentally copy over it with something else and think ‘ah man’? Now you can copy loads of things and paste selectively. So obvious that this should be incorporated into an OS.

Also, shout-out to some hardware: my 2011 iMac that is still running like a beast. It earns me bucks by being fast and responsive and reliant, it’s a maxed out custom-order iMac with a fancy graphics card, and SSD and HDD and 16GB memory and has done me so well ever since I’ve had it – I can run Photoshop smoothly while Premiere’s rendering video and loads of other apps are open at the same time, without it breaking a sweat. Great machine. I found it off Gumtree from a guy who had just taken order of it after waiting the 6-8 weeks delivery it takes for a custom order, and he just got a job at the Apple store so he was able to get an even bigger discount for himself.

My RCT 2000 VAS UPS, a recent addition. I plug my Wacom Cintiq and iMac into it and when there’s a power outage it kicks in automatically and keeps things running, allowing me enough time to save my work and power down properly. Has paid for itself very quickly. I’d consider a UPS a must for anyone owning an iMac.

Wacom Cintiq 22″. I was skeptical about the outlay to get this thang but it is so kiff and WAY better than my Cintiq 12″. Amanda told me she’s spend anything if it helps speed up work, and she’s right. As my friend and ex-boss Andy Wood used to say:

“Don’t Neglect Your Tools.”

New Interview: AnimationSA Julia Louw interviews me

Julia had the impetus to start a new podcast series and I’m the first guest! We chatted in Cape Town about how I started out, about my spirit animals ‘Bru & Boegie’, Jozi Zoo and eTV, Goldfish music videos, Happy Land, Adventure Time, ComiCon, Moosebox, Dogshow with Cat, freelancing and a whole bunch of other stuff. She’s a super interviewer and I look forward to more of these podcasts with other animators.


New Stuff Q4 2016


Dear friends,

How are you? Once again we distract ourselves from the crushing void with entertainment. Good. There are good things in this life. Don’t think about the eternal void.

Dogshow with Cat

The last few months I’ve been busy developing my new show with Disney, ‘Dogshow with Cat’. It’s changed a fair bit from the short pilot we did earlier this year, and I’m pleased to say, I think it is flippen’ AWESOME. One of the coolest things I’ve made. We have a great script for an 11-minute pilot written by Greig Cameron, overall support from Triggerfish Studios (Ant Silverston and Raffaella Delle Donne), an awesome mini pitch bible full of kiff images I’ve poured hours, days, weeks into, great story outlines, great characters, a great setup, a fantastic world that I’m sure you’d love. So, I hope the big D take the next steps with us. I’d love to show you images but for now I’m gonna keep things under wraps.

Otter Trail

I walked Otter Trail recently! Man, it was cool. It’s a 5 day hike, you take all your own food, a sleeping bag (there’s huts every night and a basic bed and mattress to sleep on), did it with 8 other cool dudes. Loved it. It’s mostly along the coast, we had awesome weather except for one day where it rained most of the day. Anyways, was great to be in nature, get back to basics (even though it was nice having a roof to sleep under at night, as well as toilet and cold shower) and get a good bit of exercise going up and down canyons, crossing rivers and being kiff. Here’s a mini gallery from the Otter Trail. Great bunch-o-doodz.

Beatboxing Dave

So, my buddy James Wolfaardt has written an awesome ‘Beatboxing Dave‘ script, we’ve recorded the voices at BASE Studios here in Plettenberg Bay, he, Ben Badenhorst and I did all the voice work, James has done these cool character designs for the other characters, and this is my next personal project that I’ve set into motion and now have to finish. Here’s some of the character designs from him.





Dudes! Jarryd Jacobs (who I featured not too long ago) did some rad ‘Beatboxing Dave’ fan art. I sent him the new script and he’s done some really lovely work. I think I may use the Beatboxing Dave house he did. That’s great. Check it out:


Guys. Guys. Guys. I launched an online shop that sells stuff from my brother Dave and I. It’s pretty new, but, you can buy stuff from it. I still have a bunch of stuff of my own to add, and the hope is that it’ll make us some loot once the thing gets more knows. I’m doing a soft launch now, we’ve had 2 sales thus far and fulfilled the orders, so, that’s quite exciting. My thinking is to just start the thing and now we have a channel at least so that when we have an idea to make something kiff, we have a channel to make it available for purchase. It’s run on Shopify which seems pretty robust. I’d prefer some different tools for shipping but I’m getting the hang of it. Tip: use discount code IAMSOKIFF for a 20% discount at check out.




And then, by the title image, you may have guessed – I’m doing a new Goldfish music video đŸ™‚ yep, that fishy smell is afoot, we’ve got a concept, an animatic, production has begun and I’ll be focusing on that for pretty much the whole of October. Awesome. I’ve bought Toon Boom Harmony Premium 14 and used it on the last Bru & Boegie short. Works pretty well, and I discover new techniques to speed up workflow almost every time I use it for a project.

Game Jam Island

THEN I’m off to ‘Game Jam Island’ in November – over 2 weeks in Mauritius, spending time with cool peeps and the Broforce team (Free Lives) because I’m lank keen to break into the videogame industry. Gotta do it. I’m excited. Got my tickets.