New song: Teddy-Bear’s Picnic [REMIX]

Q: So, Mike, why did you make this?

A: Because I wanted to make a song. I always thought ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ was a creepy tune, so I made this remix.

Q: Do you like it?

A: Yes I do.

Q: Well, that’s about all the questioning I have. You have yourself a lovely day.

A: Can I please have these biscuits?

A: Sure.

Got a recording of ‘Henry Hall & His Orchestra’s’ 1932 recording of Teddy Bear’s Picnic. This song used to creepy-pasta-me-out as a child and it still kind of does. Played around with it in Ableton Live, my buddy Mvelo Shandu wrote some lyrics, I played some live Octapad SPD-30 drums on it and put it together.


‘Bru & Boegie in HELL’ reclaimed



Around 2005 I exhibited my first Bru & Boegie comics at a group exhibition in Durban at a gallery called ‘Artspace’. I printed loads of ‘Bru & Boegie in HELL’ comics – a collection of ┬ámy first Bru & Boegie comics and their first print-run ever. I sold some books at the exhibition and left the remaining books at the gallery and kind of forgot about them. Lo and behold, someone emailed me recently saying they bought a Bru & Boegie comic there and they love it. I got in touch with Artspace and the gallery manager was kind enough to let me pay for having the remaining books send back to me. Prior to this I didn’t own any of the original print-run, so I’m super-stoked to have a bunch now that I intend on keeping. For those that are familiar with my work, I started Bru & Boegie in 2002 while at University and used to regularly upload comics onto my dedicated Bru & Boegie site. They were what got me into starting a website, experimenting with weird comics, and they’re a pretty integral part of my comics history.

Some more Bru & Boegie paraphenalia:




Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues feat. Jack Parow and The Kiffness

So, you may know Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues from their songs ‘Braai Day‘ (a Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ parody) or their ‘Hipsters and Hashtags‘ song. They’re cool dudes. They asked my brother The Kiffness to produce their latest track ‘PayDay’. I was staying with my brother in Cape Town while they were doing some of the work on the song and I heard a lot of laughing coming from the studio. Watching the end result I see why. My buddy James and I already big fans of both Dericks Watts and the Sunday Blues and The Kiffness so we were pretty amped to see this awesome team-up and the result is way better than I imagined. I had the ‘Nutella on ribs’ hook stuck in my head for while. Mad props to these two, the video is above, some handy links below:

The Kiffness on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VEVO YouTube and website.

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and website.



South African Music Award nominee


Hello. So I was recently nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ in the 20th South African Music Awards (SAMAs) for my animated music video for Goldfish’s song ‘One Million Views‘. Schweet. This is the third time I’ve been nominated, strangely enough (or perhaps not surprisingly) this time I really didn’t try to pander towards being nominated for a SAMA but it happened, so that’s nice. The event involves a night or two at Sun City; a kind of glitzy resort in the South African bush, and there’s an awesome water-park there which is kind of why I was hoping to go.

In any event, it’s an honour and privilege to be nominated as one of the 5 best South Africa music videos of the year. Congrats to all the other nominees and I hope those that weren’t nominated don’t take this too seriously.

The rest of the nominees are here.

Here’s the music video in question:

As a side, if you’re in the mood for some psychological food for thought, my wise mother posts fairly regularly at her blog ‘Garden of Eden Blog‘ and gets far more comments on her posts than I ever do.