Hello, good day, Sawubona, and other greetings in languages that I do not know how to say ahoy.

Some stuff – first off, my brother’s band The Kiffness released their new music video for ‘Find A Way’ featuring Shortstraw; another rad South African band. The video was directed by Brendan Barnes and edited by Al from Shortstraw. Nice one dudes:

Next up – some sketches of the ‘KIFF’ album cover. I started with this one:


My bro liked the general vibe so I worked up this one:


I still liked some of the earlier elements more than the updated draft, so I worked it up in Photoshop. My buddy James pointed out the the square box on top of the circle for ‘The Kiffness’ kind of broke up the composition. Dave and I both agreed he was right. After many iterations, we arrived at the final piece:


I printed out some mock-up parts for the album, and we were like ‘YEAH THAS QUITE COOL’:


The physical album actually has been produced and I think may be appearing in Musica stores preeetty soon. Here’s my brother and Shandu pimpin’ it on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, a local SABC dance show where they performed:


Next up, been going through some old sketchbooks to spot any cool unused ideas I may use in a current project:


Found a sketch of my brother in his studio. This isn’t really what his studio looks like, I think it may have been an idea for the album cover:


Then, a recent comic jam from James and I:


As a final note, here’s Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, holding up a shirt James and I designed. In 2008 we designed this shirt, entered it into a t-shirt competition and we won. It’s called ‘eSempowenis‘ and it’s based on an old Bru & Boegie cartoon I drew. It’s The Simpsons as a South African family. Unbeknownst to me, someone I had worked on a fan-game with apparently was friendly with the Groening family and ordered a shirt for him. Apparently Matt got a kick out of it. The online friend asked me not to share the pic. I agreed. This was in 2009. For 5 years neither James nor I put up the image. I think it may be ok to share this now. Sorry if not.



Punchline at Teller Seven Please

I was going through my sketchbook and found a bunch of stuff, so I scanned ‘em pics and stuck’n ‘em up.


First up is a comic jam between buddy James Wolfaardt and I. A comic-jam comes into being when one person starts a panel and the next person continues. Larks.


Next up we have ‘Parrie Parrot’. I don’t really remember much about this, was just doodlin’ maybe? I quite dig it.



Then, some concept sketches for my brother’s new album ‘KIFF’. IT LANDED TODAY AND IT’S GREAT. Available in the South African iTunes store for now and International to follow. Here’s a small pic of the final artwork below:



This is a sketch I did for this idea I had called ‘L’il Zuma’ when I was thinking about making a short animation with a social commentary bent. It has a young Zuma talking about himself. I wrote pages and pages for the script, not sure I’ll get around to making it but I still think it’s a pretty funny idea.


Some character sketches for my own personal music experimentation thing called ’909POP’. I’ve got a bunch of songs and have been planning to put an album together. It’s a side-project that I get a ways with inbetween animation work.


Here’s a comic jam from a couple people. It got slightly weird towards the end.


I recently got a bunch of A4 card cut into A6 - THAT MEANS IT’S STORYBOARDIN’ TIME!

*<*<*<* POSSIBILITIES *>*>*>*


Mike Walk WIP


Hey brahs. So, I’ve been adding some inbetweens to the little walking Mike that I use as the footer of the site. It was 8 frames, I’ve inbetweened those to 16 frames. Was thinking about making an animated header with this brah, existing one works pretty well though.

Also found this old song we recorded. When I first moved to Plett in 2007, some buddies I met here and I formed a band called ‘Tiny Ninjas’. We recorded one song, the studio was so small that the engineer suggested I may not fit my drumkit in there so I programmed the entire track on an old Alesis SR-16 drum machine. Years later, I recorded live drums and my brother mixed the separates. Here is Tiny Ninja’s ‘Insignificant Wonder’:


The Kiffness 8bit Remix of MGMT’s ‘KIDS’


My bro made a kiff 8bit remix of MGMT’s ‘KIDS’ track and I did a pic for it. Why? Because they’re in the top 4 finalists to open for MGMT when they come to South Africa.

Friends, please hear me now. If you’re in South Africa and if you’re feeling like a boss, magnanimous and super-kiff, please SMS KIFFNESS to 48477. You can SMS up to 5 times on one number. This here’s a popularity contest and it’s down to votes. We don’t particularly like popularity contests but this really is a kiff opportunity for me bro and Shandu. So, you know. Please do them a solid.



Heaven’s Countryland – [adult swim] idents


Earlier this year I took a chance and got in touch with David O’Reilly – my hero – who put out a call for people to do some stuff. I did some 8bit graphics under his direction for something called ‘Heaven’s Countryland’. I didn’t know what it was but it was a rad gig. Usually I plan out 8bit work fairly extensively but was encouraged to work almost straight ahead. It was a nice change-up and a pleasure to collude with my biggest animation hero (seriously, his work is da bes. External World, an episode of Adventure Time in 3D, the 3D videogame sequences in the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’, Octocat).

I noticed yesterday that the finished shorts were posted on YouTube. They’ve received lovely retro treatment, the audio is spot-on – I DIG THEM!

I discovered the last two (my personal favourites) have been selected as ‘Shorts in Competition’ at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September. Nice.